Mathew Perry Instagram Post

‘Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good?’: Matthew Perry’s haunting last Instagram post resurfaces after passing

‘He was a legend idk what to say I am about to cry.’

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doctor speaking in office with caption 'Me to my fresh post op c-section mommas' (l) doctor speaking in office with caption 'Me to my fresh post op c-section mommas' (c) doctor speaking in office with caption 'Me to my fresh post op c-section mommas' (r)

Health professionals using a TikTok sound that makes light of opioid addiction isn’t a great look

TikTok’s got a thing for joking about percocet.

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Prescription Pain Pills spilling out of a bottle

TikTok’s ‘perc dance’ trend mocks the opioid epidemic

‘Percs aren’t a fun and trendy game.’

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hand holding NARCAN NASAL SRAY on blush pink background

‘This might save a life’: Harm reduction TikTokers are taking to the platform to share information on safer drug use practices

‘Harm reduction is just as important as abstinence.’

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A police officer being given medication.

‘That isn’t how fentanyl works’: Police criticized for ‘copaganda’ video of officer’s accidental overdose

Did this sheriff’s department fake an officer overdosing from fentanyl for clout?

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last day podcast

‘The Wire’ meets ‘Teen Mom’ in the ‘Last Day’ podcast

‘I want to save lives.’

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trump fentanyl

Trump’s new plan to fight opioid overdose? This tweet

The president has a curious response to China.

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Kellyanne Conway in front of White House

Trump’s opioid council is excelling at doing absolutely nothing

It’s not doing well.

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President Donald Trump shared Crystal Champ's story, but conveniently failed to mention much about her.

Wait, what about the homeless mother in Trump’s State of the Union address?

Trump conveniently failed to mention much about her.

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Donald Trump at podium

Trump’s 24-year-old opioid czar leaves administration

Weyeneth was the source of much consternation.

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Prescription pills and bottle

Melania Trump is solving the opioid crisis with low-rent graphics

Melania’s graphic is getting laughed off of Twitter.

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John Oliver’s breakdown of the U.S. opioid epidemic should be required viewing

More than 2.6 million are addicted to opioids in the U.S.

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The FDA wants an anti-overdose app for heroin and opioid users

The agency is holding a competition for an app that connects drug users to life-saving medications.

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Friday’s White House press briefing turned into a real-life episode of ‘The West Wing’

There were some in-jokes, but there was also a serious message.

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