mr beast for president

‘He would make a great leader’: MrBeast muses about running for president on X, the internet reacts

The YouTuber laments the office’s age requirements.

On by Mike Hadge

MrBeast knockoff now repping Cyprus in EU Parliament

MrBeast wannabe running gag campaign accidentally wins seat in EU Parliament

Fidias Panayiotou has 2.5 million followers.

On by Marlon Ettinger

mrbeast youtubers in stranded city

Can the ‘fast-paced’ era of YouTubers ever end?

MrBeast changed YouTube editing forever. Can it go back?

On by Steven Asarch

mrbeast surrounded by outlines of friends to portray nepotism in the creator economy

Passionfruit newsletter: Nepotism in the creator economy

Creators like MrBeast are hiring their friends and family members. But what happens when a mom-and-pop shop turns into a social media empire?

On by Grace Stanley

mrbeast x video

‘It’s a bit of a facade’: MrBeast skeptical of big payout after Elon Musk prompted him to share videos directly to X

Posters speculated MrBeast was getting inflated payout to draw other creators to the platform.

On by Marlon Ettinger

mrbeast debate Rosanna Pansino video

The latest MrBeast debate proves you should always question what you watch

Don’t expect your YouTubers to be genuine, especially the ones with million-dollar budgets.

On by Steven Asarch

mrbeast burger

MrBeast Burger Meltdown: Insights for Creator Deals from the Lawsuit

What we can learn from the contractual chaos and branding turmoil surrounding the unraveling of the MrBeast Burger deal.

On by Franklin Graves

mrbeast jacksepticeye youtube

Did MrBeast ruin YouTube?

After YouTubers JackSepticEye and MrBeast got into an internet feud, we are left with an important question.

On by Steven Asarch

Mr. Beast deez nutz chocolate company Feastables sued by Dees Nuts LLC for trademark infringement

MrBeast sued for launching Deez Nutz chocolate bar by Dee’s Nuts nut company

It’s Dee’s Nuts vs Deez Nuts in a Florida court

On by Marlon Ettinger

the streamys mrbeast newsletter

Passionfruit newsletter: And ‘Creator of the Year’ goes to…

Put on your best black tie attire, because we’re talking about a little indie creator awards show produced by Penske Media Corporation.

On by Grace Stanley

Homepage article image

An open letter to MrBeast from creators: just take a f*&!ing vacation already

If the world’s most successful YouTuber can’t afford to take a break, what does that say to everyone else on YouTube?

On by Drew Grant

MrBeast's world map didn't include Taiwan but did have Palestine.

MrBeast’s world map kicks off international controversy

YouTube’s #1 U.S. creator can’t seem to catch a break.

On by Lon Harris

youtube empires mrbeast linus tech tips

YouTube empires have gotten too big to fail

Large YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips and MrBeast need to become companies to stay afloat, but having that many cooks in the kitchen creates problems.

On by Steven Asarch

mrbeast stranded

Why do we love to watch MrBeast suffer?

MrBeast’s latest video stranded at sea broke world records. Why do people love it?

On by Steven Asarch

Homepage article image

MrBeast wants to shut down his cloud kitchens

No one wants a MrBeast Burger, including the guy who invented them

On by Lon Harris

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