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‘He would make a great leader’: MrBeast muses about running for president on X, the internet reacts

The YouTuber laments the office’s age requirements.


Mike Hadge

Pop Culture

If we’ve learned anything in our current timeline, which may or may not be the darkest, depending on who you ask and about what, it’s that anyone can become president if enough dorks are weirdly obsessed with them. 

MrBeast for President?

Does this opening statement have anything to do with a recent post on X by mega influencer and humanity toy-er with-er, MrBeast? Why yes it does:

Yup, it’s just that simple these days, folks. If you want to become president, all you need is three things: 1) wanting it, 2) having the bucks, and 3) being 35.

Sadly, one of these elements prevents Mister Beast from becoming our next Chester A. Arthur (for now). Get on that time machine, man. We know one exists! 

The internet reacts to MrBeast’s political aspirations

But what did the internet think of such a Beast-ly proposal? After all, the president is chosen for the people by the people! (Don’t give me that look!) 

Yeah, unfortunately, not enough people hate the idea. 

Sigh, who am I kidding? If elections are still a thing in 2032, congratulations, President Mister. I look forward to being buried alive or something for $80 and your amusement.

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