White man holds 'Black crime matters' sign outside of Kenosha County Courthouse

‘I’ve never felt more uncomfortable’: White man holding ‘Black crime matters’ sign outside Kyle Rittenhouse trial says he thinks it’s OK to use the N-word

‘He really went into it with the hard R.’

On by Cecilia Lenzen

Kyle Rittenhouse crying during his trial

Twitter erupts into debate after Rittenhouse begins crying at trial

While some saw the emotional display as legitimate, others argued that the defendant had fake cried.

On by Mikael Thalen

dallas isd teacher investigation

Texas teacher assigns students essay describing Kyle Rittenhouse as a ‘hero’

The essay asks students to explain how Rittenhouse is a ‘hero.’

On by Onaje McDowelle

rittenhouse smear campaign

Kyle Rittenhouse devotees launch online campaign to smear his alleged victims

They are attempting to justify the killings.

On by Kahron Spearman


Student Republican group launches fundraiser to pay legal defense of Kenosha shooter

‘The fundraiser has since received widespread backlash from other university students.’

On by Angelica Arinze

Kyle Rittenhouse punching girl

Video purports to show Kyle Rittenhouse punching girl prior to Kenosha

In part two of the video, he gets beat up for putting ‘hands on a female.’

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

barry moore

GOP candidate posts meme praising Kyle Rittenhouse

Barry Moore’s post was seemingly removed after users reported it for ‘promoting violence.’

On by Esther Bell

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg blames ‘operational mistake’ for not removing Kenosha militia page

Critics argue the platform is not doing enough following the killing of two protesters.

On by Mikael Thalen


Kenosha law enforcement accused of ‘kidnapping’ activist cooks in unmarked cars

‘This is our crew and we know why they were there. To feed people. That’s it.’

On by Onaje McDowelle

shaun king on microphone

Shaun King threatens to out every cop in Kenosha if police shooter isn’t IDed

King faced immediate backlash.

On by Kahron Spearman

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