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Kylie Jenner deletes Instagram photo after being accused of cultural appropriation

The look was allegedly inspired by Gwen Stefani.

On Jan 4, 2020 by Tiffanie Drayton

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Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, many more release benefit song for Orlando

Cue up your iTunes.

On Jul 6, 2016 by Christine Friar

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James Corden brings extra celebrity guests to help him use the 4-person carpool lane

A special 4-person carpool lane requires a few extra passengers.

On May 5, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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We just can’t understand how Gwen Stefani is older than Ted Cruz


On Mar 17, 2016 by Peter Bd

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Gwen Stefani discovered her husband was cheating because of an iCloud oversight

Be careful out there.

On Nov 11, 2015 by Christine Friar

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The problem with blaming the ‘hot nanny’ for cheating husbands

Nanny or no nanny, some husbands cheat. But men don't get the blame.

On Aug 11, 2015 by Jaya Saxena

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Gwen Stefani still doesn’t know what racism is

Dear Gwen Stefani, cultural appropriation is not a "compliment."

On Dec 10, 2014 by Nico Lang

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Christina Bianco performed a CeeLo song while doing 25 celebrity impressions

Christina Bianco, the female impressionist extraordinaire, is back with her take on the CeeLo classic.

On Oct 25, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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Jimmy Fallon invited Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to a 3-way lip-synch battle

You can't say they didn't try.

On Sep 18, 2014 by Michelle Jaworski

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Star-studded roster couldn’t save this ‘Chelsea Lately’ sendoff from itself

Some celebrities just cannot gracefully say goodbye.

On Aug 27, 2014 by Allen Weiner

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Why white pop stars can’t shake off cultural appropriation

Taylor Swift is just the latest singer to get called out for using blackness as a prop.

On Aug 21, 2014 by [email protected]

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Is the era of mid-2000s nostalgia already here?

Everything looks a lot better in the Instagram filter of memory.

On Apr 23, 2014 by Nico Lang

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Buzzed: Beyoncé, Jenni Rivera, and Bush

Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Art Basel, and Twitter mourned the loss of Jenni Rivera.

On Dec 10, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky