Jeff Criswell in front of Peach graphic

‘Open season on whites’: GOP candidate running in majority Black district has numerous fiery past takes on reverse racism

Criswell says he wants Black votes in his district, but has a string of social media comments about Black crime

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Donald trump over chick-fil-a

Trump’s ’30 milkshakes and some chicken’ order at Chick-fil-A astounds

Trump’s campaign stop was quickly spread online as evidence of his man-of-the-people credentials

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Marjorie Taylor Green in front of Bridge Collapse

‘Intentional attack?’ GOP lawmakers including Marjorie Taylor Greene spread Baltimore bridge collapse conspiracies

Former Rep. Anthony Sabatini blamed DEI for the collapse.

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GOP lawmaker accused of antisemitism for replying to post seemingly calling out a reporter's Jewish heritage

‘Yes she is’: A story on shoplifting at CVS led to a GOP congressman calling out a reporter for being Jewish

‘The GOP isn’t even trying to hide its antisemitism.’

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Marjorie Taylor Green(l), Larry David(r)

Upset over ‘Curb,’ MTG vows to protect Georgia from ‘nasty commies’ who generated $4 billion for the state last year

The state is home to a massive industry that MTG now wants to go to war with.

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Marjorie Taylor Green(l), Jim McGovern(r)

Marjorie Taylor Greene puts forth bizarre ‘suit jacket’ bathroom allegation against Dem criticizing her DHS impeachment effort

Say what?

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Silver Laptop(l), Donald Trump(c), Misty Hampton(r)

EXCLUSIVE: A missing laptop could be key to prosecuting Trump. This rural Georgia county only recently admitted that it exists

The device may contain evidence about the infamous breach of Coffee County’s election system.

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Man arrested for making death threats to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Man arrested for making death threats to Marjorie Taylor Greene donated to Biden, Georgia senators

Sean Patrick Cirillo threatened to shoot Greene in the head.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

‘I love when they turn on each other’: Marjorie Taylor Greene drags ‘vaping’ Lauren Boebert into fight over Rashida Tlaib

Another social media feud.

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trump staring steely eyed as he's photographed and booked

Fulton County Sheriff’s office releases Trump mugshot

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BEDMINSTER,NJ-JULY 31,2022: Marjorie Taylor Greene (L) with Former President Trump react to the golf fans at the 16th Hole during the LIV Tournament held at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster,NJ.

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Georgia is pushing for the death penalty for Trump—as she angles for VP slot

Trump isn’t facing the death penalty.

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Sidney Powel speaking in front of blue flag with white stars (l) Sullivan Strickler home page (c) Donald Trump speaking in front of a blue background (r)

‘Legal Technology’ firm named in Trump indictment does not want to talk about their alleged involvement

The company has not been charged in the indictment.

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Brian Kemp and Donald Trump, g

Why Georgia’s governor can’t pardon Trump

People online are wondering.

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hand silhouette holding phone with Twitter on screen in front of screen displaying Donald Trump's Twitter account

These are the 12 tweets that helped get Trump indicted

Of the 161 overt acts of racketeering listed in the indictment, 12 were tweets posted by Trump.

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Donald Trump speaking in front of blue with white stars background (l) Kelly Loeffler speaking in front of building columns background (r)

Kelly Loeffler says Trump’s Georgia indictment is invalid because a witness sent her a mean tweet once

There’s only one problem.

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