Jessica Rosenworcel over cell tower background

FCC probes 15 leading mobile carriers about location data in wake of abortion ruling

‘The highly sensitive nature of this data … is of utmost importance to consumer safety and privacy.’

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Team of construction workers working with DELETE button on a computer keyboard

A new bill might force data brokers to delete everything they have on you

It would also create a ‘Do Not Track List,’ similar to the ‘Do Not Call List’ for robocalls

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in front of a background made up of the Facebook logo and thumbs down.

Over 40 groups call on Congress to finally pass federal data privacy standard launched today.

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FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan next to a screenshot of a letter advocacy groups sent to the agency urging them to reign in big tech data practices.

Nearly 50 groups call on FTC to ban Big Tech’s ‘unfair and deceptive’ data collection, surveillance

‘Until the FTC acts, no one is safe.’

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Andrew Yang Data Dividend Project

Andrew Yang wants people to get paid for data collected by tech giants

Yang advocated for data property during his 2020 presidential campaign.

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North Dakota Care19 Foursquare App Third Parties

States’ contact-tracing app sent data to third parties

‘We know that people are very sensitive.’

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Zuckerberg onstage at F8 in 2016

Facebook VP denounces and deletes controversial 2016 memo

“Anything that allows us to connect more people more often is *de facto* good.”

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oneplus chinese smartphone maker

Major Chinese smartphone maker admits to secretly collecting private user data

The company collected people’s phone numbers and WiFi info.

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Is your vibrator collecting inappropriate data about you?

A new lawsuit alleges some ‘teledildonics’ customers were never told about We-Vibe’s data-collecting practices.

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Netflix can pinpoint the moment you got hooked on ‘Breaking Bad’

The streaming giant is using your addiction to help craft its entertainment strategies for the future.

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How to tell your spouse that your name is in the Ashley Madison data dump

You’ve been caught. Now what?

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U.K. court strikes down sweeping government surveillance law

It’s a big win for privacy, but the fight is not yet over.

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Here’s lawmakers’ latest attempt to stop drones from spying on you

On Tuesday, Democrats in both houses of Congress introduced legislation to seriously address the issue of drone privacy.

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Retail customers don’t want to be tracked in stores—but they’re OK with it online

Who watches the watchers? 

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Facebook users are lining up to join class action lawsuit

An Austrian student’s lawsuit has proved overwhelmingly popular.

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