Marvel Studios' Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

MCU fans are wondering if Brie Larson will step down as Captain Marvel due to sexist harassment

The speculation began thanks to an awkward viral interview clip from D23.

On Sep 13, 2022 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Brie Larson youtube

Fans think Brie Larson is dropping hints that she’s gay on YouTube

Larson hasn’t officially confirmed anything about her sexuality.

On Jan 14, 2021 by Eilish O'Sullivan

Chris Pratt - hypocricy

As MCU actors jump to defend Chris Pratt, fans ask: What about Brie Larson?

'Ma’am, he wasn’t savaged by killer bees. He lost a web poll.'

On Oct 21, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio

captain marvel sequel

‘Captain Marvel 2’ movie in the works with new screenwriter

The original directors and screenwriter will not be involved.

On Jan 23, 2020 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Brie Larson haters have a meltdown over a joke about Thor’s hammer

How dare she?

On Aug 22, 2019 by Rachel Kiley

captain marvel makeup avengers endgame

Here’s why Captain Marvel is wearing so much makeup in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Brie Larson's look leaves fans confused.

On Apr 10, 2019 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Netflix Unicorn Store review

Brie Larson’s ‘Unicorn Store’ is an ode to idealistic millennials

Samuel L. Jackson joins the subversive Netflix comedy about following your dreams.

On Apr 5, 2019 by Tess Cagle

captain marvel tesseract space stone

‘Captain Marvel’s power source might be critical in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

It's an object that Marvel fans will be very familiar with.

On Mar 8, 2019 by Michelle Jaworski

samuel l jackson captain marvel

Samuel L. Jackson says he dropped false ‘Captain Marvel’ spoilers

He had us there for a second.

On Mar 7, 2019 by Michelle Jaworski

brie larson phone sex hotline

Disney’s ‘Captain Marvel’ accidentally advertises phone sex line

'Welcome to America’s hottest talk line.'

On Nov 8, 2018 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

brie larson infinity war

Brie Larson shoots down report that she signed a 7-movie deal with Marvel

'Counterpoint: this is not true.'

On Oct 11, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

captain marvel smile

Captain Marvel was told to smile more, and Brie Larson’s response was perfect


On Sep 21, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

captain marvel trailer

Everything we noticed from the Captain Marvel trailer

A Blockbuster?!

On Sep 18, 2018 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Actresses pose for a photo while on the set of Jay-Z's music video for 'Family Feud'

Look at all the amazing women in Jay-Z’s ‘Family Feud’ video

'Nobody wins when the family feuds.'

On Dec 31, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

captain marvel trailer

Watch the badass new ‘Captain Marvel’ Super Bowl trailer

Carol Danvers is the hero Marvel fans have been waiting for.

On May 11, 2017 by Dan Marcus