Brown bear in forest with 'REDACTED' in red over eyes

EXCLUSIVE: Inside election officials’ frantic scramble to fix the Fat Bear Week voter fraud scandal

The staff handled it remarkably well.

On by David Covucci

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India is creating a ‘surveillance segregation’ state by tracking lower-caste workers

Workers are fighting back with what little power they have.

On by Sabah Gurmat

Students at library on computers

2 million people’s private data exposed in breach of student loan provider Nelnet—days after site crashed

It’s been a rough week for Nelnet.

On by Camryn Garza

Andrew Yang Data Dividend Project

Andrew Yang wants people to get paid for data collected by tech giants

Yang advocated for data property during his 2020 presidential campaign.

On by Andrew Wyrich

FCC Fines Phone Location Data

FCC proposes $200 million fine for T-Mobile, others over data sharing

One FCC commissioner called the fines ‘a day late and a dollar short.’

On by Andrew Wyrich

ISPs Sue Maine Digital Privacy Law

Maine implemented a strict privacy law—corporations are now claiming it violates their free speech

The suit claims the law infringes on their First Amendment rights.

On by Andrew Wyrich

man about to smash server racks with a baseball bat

2019 is the year the world turned on big tech

Everything is watching, analyzing, and listening to your digital life.

On by Mikael Thalen

William Barr Big Tech Antitrust Investigation

Report: Barr wants tech antitrust probe wrapped up in 2020

The Justice Department’s probe was announced earlier this year

On by Andrew Wyrich

Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act

Senate Democrats propose sweeping online privacy bill

The bill aims to give consumers more control over the data collected by tech companies.

On by Andrew Wyrich

Online Privacy Act of 2019 Eshoo Lofgren

These congresswomen want a new federal agency to start protecting online privacy

The bill calls for establishing a new federal agency.

On by Andrew Wyrich

ACCESS Act Blumenthal Warner Hawley

Senators push for social media data portability

The bill would target companies with more than 100 million active monthly users in the U.S.

On by Andrew Wyrich

Donald Trump HARPA Proposal

White House proposing ‘Minority Report’-style office to use data to predict crime

The idea was not met well with people online.

On by Andrew Wyrich

christopher wylie cambridge analytica h&m

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is now working for H&M

Wylie is supposed to help the retail giant cater to consumers using data and AI.

On by Stephanie Fillion

Handcuffs on ethernet cables on keyboard CLOUD Act

Congress quietly snuck a major data privacy act into its spending bill

Internet rights groups have called the bill ‘dangerous.’

On by Andrew Wyrich

Gonzaga March Madness

The math professor whose research team beat you at March Madness

Dr. Tim Chartier and the analytics community picked Gonzaga to win the NCAA men’s hoops tournament. You should have, too.

On by Ramon Ramirez

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