asus supply chain hack

Your Asus computer might have a secret backdoor

An estimated one million computers are affected by newly discovered ‘ShadowHammer’ attack.

On Mar 25, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

asus zenbook pro 15 ux580

Trackpads aren’t great, so Asus is replacing them with touchscreens

It will cost $2,300 and be released in mid-July.

On Jun 5, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

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Zenbo, Asus’s terrifying robot, will cost $600 and probably kill you

The future is coming—and it just wants to serve you. Or does it?

On Jun 1, 2016

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Why are Apple’s competitors staying silent on the iPhone unlocking fight?

Apple’s hardware rivals haven’t said a word about the case.

On Feb 19, 2016 by Eric Geller

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For $85, you can get a fully functional Chrome OS computer on a stick

A golden opportunity to get Chrome.

On Nov 17, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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Here are the least secure Android phone brands

Own a Sony handset? You might be at risk.

On Oct 14, 2015 by Patrick Howell O’Neill

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Asus’ new ultra-fast router looks like it could kill you

We’re too scared to reach for its power button.

On Sep 2, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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Asus just trolled Apple with a horrible dad joke

If Lame Joke of the Year were a CES award category, Asus would be a frontrunner.

On Jun 3, 2015 by Mike Wehner

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Can’t afford the Apple Watch? Try this ridiculous knock-off

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Apple should be blushing right now.

On Jun 1, 2015 by Mike Wehner

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This sexist Asus ad has gamers fuming

What’s the best way to advertise to gamers? Step 1: Try not to insult your target audience. 

On Oct 6, 2014 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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ASUS caught in sexist Twitter fail

The gaffe highlights the kind of sexism that many feel is all too common in the tech industry.

On Jun 4, 2012 by David Holmes

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