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Carrie Fisher‘s beloved dog, Gary Fisher, inspired an alien character in The Last Jedi.

Gary accompanied Fisher everywhere in the later years of her life, becoming a familiar face at conventions and media appearances. Last year, she walked the red carpet at the White House Correspondents Dinner with Gary Fisher on one arm, and Tom Hiddleston on the other. That adorable French bulldog leaves an impression wherever he goes, and that includes the Star Wars set.

Alien Gary Fisher was spotted by Twitter user Clair Henry, who tweeted director Rian Johnson to ask if it was an intentional homage. The alien doppelganger appears in the background of a photo of Canto Bight, the casino world Finn and Rose visit in The Last Jedi.

Johnson confirmed that the little alien is indeed “space Gary.”

Star Wars lore being what it is, this little character will undoubtedly wind up with a name and a backstory of its own. Remember, even Jabba the Hutt’s rat-lizard muppet jester had a name: Salacious B. Crumb.

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