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‘The Batman’ director won’t confirm whether Ben Affleck will star
The director still won't confirm whether Ben Affleck will star, though.
You can never unsee Venom with googly eyes
Good luck sleeping tonight.
Revisiting MCU Phase 1, the rise of the Avengers
Phase 1 established the Marvel Cinematic Universe and changed superhero movies forever.
Unused Monty Python scripts found in Michael Palin’s donated private archives
Fans can soon view some of the archives themselves.
Disney probably won’t rehire ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn
Disney reportedly doesn't care about the open letter from the cast.
The best Fortnite skins: Cuddle bears, ancient vikings, and more
These are the best cosmetics Fortnite has to offer.
Spotify teamed up with Archie Comics for a 6-issue motion comic series
It's the characters you know in a brand new format.
‘Constantine’ is an underrated gem—and it’s now on Netflix
A bad 'Hellblazer' adaptation? Sure. But it's great as a standalone movie.
Pillowfort wants to revive the art of blogging
This DIY platform is turning heads on Kickstarter.
GOP candidate called out for posting Bigfoot erotica
Virginia canddiate Denver Riggleman has some unusual interests.
Will Marvel fans get what they want out of the Disney/Fox deal?
This Disney/Fox merger might be the most ambitious crossover of all time.
Disney reveals that Carrie Fisher will be in the next Star Wars film after all
It was previously reported that we’d seen the last of Princess Leia.
The 9 best alien movies on Hulu
From blockbusters like Arrival to cult classics like Spaceballs.