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‘Riverdale’ showrunner is developing a ‘vampire soap’ about the Brides of Dracula
It's described as 'a vampire soap about empowered, immortal women.'
Patrick Stewart: ‘Picard’ had to be darker than ‘The Next Generation’
The show is a response to the era of Brexit and Trump.
Escape from Tarkov creators say women are too complicated to include
Ah yes, the good old 'women are harder to animate' excuse.
Read the original pitch for Netflix’s ‘Witcher’ series
The showrunner dropped the pitch in the show's subreddit.
With the Ben Solo Challenge, anything is a lightsaber
People are using baguettes and umbrellas.
Meet ‘Doomer Girl,’ the new voice of a classic meme
Rage comics, which spawned countless memes, make an unexpected return.
‘Looking For Leia’ is the salve we needed after ‘The Rise of Skywalker’
The docuseries reminds us what's so great about 'Star Wars.'
The Beyhive defends Beyoncé for sitting during Joaquin Phoenix’s speech
'The queen don't stand for nobody but the queen.'
World War 3-themed game developer defends ad referencing Iran
The game's developer said the ad gives users 'the ability to confront their fears.'
Why did Rey bury those 2 lightsabers on Tatooine?
The scene makes no sense in context, and neither does the explanation from screenwriter Chris Terrio.
Netflix’s ‘Dracula’ fails to live up to the legacy of ‘Sherlock’
From the creators of 'Sherlock,' there's a new 3-part adaptation of the classic vampire novel.
Marvel isn’t planning to introduce a transgender character after all
The earlier quote from Kevin Feige was misinterpreted.