Twitter users miss the kids who walked in on their dad’s interview
The professor was interviewed again. Sadly, this time without his kids.

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Coronavirus has pandemic-themed video games topping charts
The game's developers have issued a statement asking players not to take the game too seriously.
‘Save Yourselves!’ is a charming and humorous take on the alien invasion movie
A longtime couple unplugs for a week—and misses the end of the world.
There’s a Baby Yoda mod for ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’
This is basically the ultimate 'Star Wars' game mod.
‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ sets box office record for video game movies
The film racked up $57 million in the U.S. over the weekend.
Run a brothel filled with furries in upcoming porn game (updated)
Create your own succubus or cat girl.
Sci-fi hip-hop series ‘Utopia Falls’ shoots for the stars but doesn’t quite make it
The Hulu series is the latest entry in the teen dystopian genre—but it has a twist.
Streamer pleads with horny fans to stop sending her harassing ‘tributes’
Things escalated after her post went viral on Reddit.
‘Eternals’ actor reveals the first gay superhero couple in the MCU
Haaz Sleiman confirmed that he's playing Brian Tyree Henry's husband.
‘Star Trek: Picard’ recap, episode 4: ‘Absolute Candor’
Picard's backstory now includes... Romulan warrior nuns? Love it.
An ‘Aladdin’ sequel is in the works
John Gatins and Andrea Berloff are set to write the script.
Pokémon Home is here—and so are the memes
Fans are loving Home's Grand Oak character.