Apple has a creepy face collection—just like Arya Stark

Apple debuted its latest technology at a press event Tuesday, giving technophiles a glimpse at the company’s new fleet of smartphones. Game of Thrones fans were quick to point out that one new feature would be very popular with Arya Stark.

FaceID is facial recognition tech that will let Apple users unlock their smartphones by simply looking at the devices. Apple chose to illustrate this feature with a creepy wall of faces, strangely reminiscent of Ayra’s time as an assassin in training at the House of Black and White.

Screengrab via Apple

game of thrones Screengrab via QueenBuffy/Wikia

While letting your phone collect a digital imprint of your face might make your skin crawl, it sure beats the bloodier Game of Thrones version of the idea. (For the unfamiliar, a cult of assassins called the Faceless Men kill people and cut off their faces for use as a disguise.) Arya isn’t at the House of Black and White anymore, but we know she has a face collection of her own.

Fans immediately pounced with jokes about the coincidence.


So what if someone is able to bypass the technology? It could be a hacker—or it could be No One.

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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