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Animal Crossing introduces ‘vacation juice’—which is definitely not booze

Careful, this stuff is strong.


Nahila Bonfiglio

Internet Culture

Posted on Jul 5, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 9:16 am CDT

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has introduced a new, PG term for alcohol, and people can’t get enough.

The 2015 game introduced players to ‘vacation juice’ recently, and the clear nod to alcohol got people talking about the playful censorship of adult beverages in media. From “frothy milk” in Dragon Ball Z and The Legend of Zelda to Animal Crossing‘s vacation juice, boozy beverages are all over media available—and in some cases intended—for children.

vaycay juice

The conversation started after Twitter user @luulubuu shared a video of Isabelle, a polite Shih Tzu featured in several Animal Crossing titles, dancing after enjoying some vacation juice. From there, responses split down the middle. Half of the respondents found ripe meme material in the goofy clip, while the other half delved into a conversation about concealing booze in kid-friendly games.

The memers were quick to seize upon the charming little video. “Animal Crossing: Isabelle needs an Intervention. Coming to Nintendo Switch 2021,” one user joked.

The clip inspired dozens of memes and is even the inspiration for a song. Look forward to “Vacation Juice” in 2021, from Twitter users Shawn and Colin.

While the memers were hard at work immortalizing vacation juice through funny screenshots and videos, a more serious conversation unfolded among other users. “Time to add Vacation Juice to the list of ‘ways E-Rated media has gotten away with putting alcohol in them,'” one user wrote.

The discussion about how games and other media with young audiences attempt to conceal booze is still going strong. People are bringing up decades-old titles and comparing them to recent releases, revealing how long this trend has been going. From Ace Attorney to One Piece and even Adventure Time, there is hidden alcohol nearly everywhere.


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*First Published: Jul 5, 2019, 11:15 am CDT