Customer puts block of cheese into Ziploc once she opens it


‘Is this everyone, or just me?’: Customer puts block of cheese into Ziploc once she opens it. Should you do that?

‘no. then the cheese will taste like ziploc’


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A customer reveals that she puts her block of cheese into a Ziploc bag once she opens it. She wonders: Should you do that?

The video features TikTok user Chrissy (@chrissycakesaz), who removed the wrapper from a block of cheese. “Did you know after you cut open a block of cheese, you should remove it from its wrapper and put it into a different package?” she asks. She then places the block of cheese into a Ziploc bag. According to Chrissy, she learned this method of storing cheese online.

“Is this everyone, or just me?” she asks in the caption.

@chrissycakesaz Is this everyone, or just me? #chrissycakesaz #letsmakeacake #fyp #cheese #cheeseislife ♬ original sound – ChrissyCakesAZ

The video racked up more than 32,000 views within 24 hours. Viewers shared how they store their cheese.

“I put it in a paper towel and then in a glass container,” one viewer wrote.

“if you wrap it with a paper towel then in foil and put in a Pyrex bowl it lasts so much longer!!” a second stated.

“Yea but I thought you are supposed to wrap it in something like parchment paper,” a third commented.

One viewer remarked, “no. then the cheese will taste like ziploc.”

This changed the content creator’s mind, replying, “Noted, glass from now on. Thanks internet!”

So, is this the best way to store opened cheese blocks? According to Martha Stewart, “The best way to wrap cheese is to use cheese paper, a special type of thick paper coated on one side with a combination of wax and polyethylene. You can buy cheese paper online and at specialty food and cheese shops (Converse recommends the cheese papers from Formaticum). If you’re unable to find it, parchment paper—a lighter paper coated on one side with silicone that’s often used in baking—is a very good, and much cheaper.”

Chrissy isn’t the only one to go viral for storage methods. One TikTok user received mixed reviews after wrapping her Costco muffins and placing them in the freezer. Another user caused confusion after revealing she keeps Chipotle burrito bowls fresh by keeping them upside down in the fridge.

The Daily Dot reached out to @chrissycakesaz via TikTok for comment.

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