Woman says boss told her to pick up flowers for his wife. They never made it to the wife

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‘Oh he got caught, caught’: Woman says boss told her to pick up flowers for his wife. They never made it to the wife

'He didn’t want those flowers on his card!'


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Posted on Feb 19, 2024   Updated on Feb 19, 2024, 3:36 pm CST

A woman’s boss is probably very upset she decided to overshare about how much he loves his wife on social media.

It’s a well-known fact that Feb. 14 and 15 are both officially known as “Oh he has a Girlfriend Day,” due to folks seeing pictures of people they’re romantically interested in/involved with posing with people on social media.

And Tracy (@treycmodel) may’ve found herself as an unknowing facilitator of her supervisor’s wife potentially enjoying this “re-branded” form of Valentine’s Day firsthand. In a series of videos, she said that she shared pictures of flower bouquets she thought were for his wife… only to receive a message from the woman saying she never received any flowers on the holiday.

Tracy was then left at a crossroads: Does she help a fellow woman get to the bottom of whether or not her husband is cheating on her or seeking amorous validation from another woman, or does she protect her job at all costs and side with her boss?

It all began when she posted a picture of the bouquet arrangements on social media as a way of urging people to “do better” citing her boss as an example of a man in a relationship who puts in effort.

But then she discovered that the flowers weren’t for his wife, and she provided an update on the situation to her viewers, where she stated: “So basically he said they were for his wife I picked them up I posted them on my Story his wife saw them and was like ‘Oh I didn’t get those’ cause I was like ‘Oh look what my boss got for his wife like guys do better like look at this’ and she was like ‘Well I didn’t get them. So who the hell got them?’ And I was like I don’t freaking know who I just dropped it off at his office I don’t know who got them. So the next business day I think it was like the weekend, I go into work and I was like OK let me test the waters so I was like ‘Hey how did your wife like all those flowers? And he’s like oh she loved them. And I was like [she makes a face and mumbles under her breath: “f*ck”] I’m like OK we’re in it cause now she’s asking me to find out and I’m on the woman’s side but also I don’t wanna get fired.”

Tracy uploaded a follow-up clip where she delineated how she spoke with her boss’ wife who then attempted to enlist her help into looking into where the bouquets ultimately ended up: “So part 3 update about the flowers that I got for my boss that were not for his wife. So after this man lied to my face when I asked him how his wife loved the roses… I texted her and was like girl he said that you loved the roses. She leaves me on read for a full day. I’m thinking she’s planning his murder, I’m thinking I’m getting fired, something’s going on, she’s like planning her next move. She finally texts me the next day and she goes, ‘Hey, I have an update. We went to his mom’s house and she has the big bouquet.'”

Here’s the thing though: Tracy showed off multiple bouquets on her story and while one of them was accounted for, his wife wanted to know where the other three Valentine’s Day gifts went to—and it seemed unlikely they went to another member of his family. “But wait a second, it gets better, it gets juicier. And I was like well why did this man just lie and say they were for his mom why did he tell me it was for you, well we have this thing where I get mad he goes all out for his mom on Valentine’s Day every year and he like doesn’t really do this much. She feels like Mother’s Day should be for the mom and like Valentine’s Day should be for her, but I digress, so, she’s like here’s the thing—I didn’t get any of those rose bouquets so where the hell did the other three rose bouquets go? He doesn’t have any kids. He has brothers, he doesn’t have sisters, there’s nowhere else that she would think that those three bouquet of roses went. So she’s like: Here’s the thing I’ve had suspicions about my husband for a while and I get it. She’s like ‘I want to pay you to investigate’ is basically what she told me. And then this happened.”

Unfortunately it’s at this point in her tale that she stopped providing updates on the situation (as of this writing) but did put up a video where, while she applies skin cream to her face, talks about how an Airbnb host provided proof that a Tennessee man was cheating on his wife… to his wife, but said that things got messy once the host was caught “extorting” the man in the process.

Folks who responded to her videos didn’t think the outcome for her boss was looking good: “Oh he got caught, caught,” one TikToker penned.

@treycmodel Replying to @Evie's Grove Boss has me pick up flowers that atent for his wife part 2 #valentinesday #redroses #tea ♬ original sound – Tracy

Another wrote that they were upset how Tracy was making them wait for the full update on the situation: “I feel like imma ‘bout to get slapped with an extended car warranty… Tag me in part 74 pls”

Someone else said that they have very particular requirements for receiving flowers from their significant other: “Here’s me not wanting ANY flowers that my husband didn’t hand select or order himself.”

While another person said that if the woman does divorce her boss after this, then Tracy should get some cash for her help in uncovering what seems like a case of infidelity: “She should reward you with a payout after the divorce”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tracy via email for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 19, 2024, 6:00 pm CST