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‘Slay serve survive’: Worker says she blackmailed her boss after catching him do coke

‘It was really nice for a while.’


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TikToker Savannah Beneventi (@highspeedfan) has posted several videos about her workplace experiences—like the time she admitted to doing nothing for an entire month while still getting paid or when she quit a job because there wasn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts on her commute.

Now, she’s uploaded a trending clip about how she blackmailed a manager at one of her jobs when she discovered he ingested cocaine with another supervisor while on the clock.

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“OK, so when I worked at this store, both of my managers would do coke in the bathroom,” Beneventi says in the clip. “And I would know that because they would excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, and they would come back with the fucking zoomies.”

The TikToker says her managers’ behavior led to gossip until one shift when a co-worker encouraged her to find proof of their cocaine habit.

“So, one day I came into work, and she was like, ‘I’m gonna need your short ass to go into the bathroom, stand on the toilet, and look at the shelf on top,’” Beneventi recounts. “And I was like, ‘Girl, why the fuck am I looking at the toilet paper shelf?’ She was like, ‘trust me,’ and I fucking did, bitch. I went in there; I stood on the toilet. You know what I fucking see? I see a fucking razor blade and a straw.”

Upon seeing the razor blade and the straw, Beneventi took multiple pictures of the items to use as part of her alleged blackmail scheme.

“So the last time that my fucking manager went to get snippy with me, I sent him a fucking picture of that shit, and … he’s like, ‘that’s mine. Fucking delete that. Where did you get that?’” Beneventi says. “I was like, ‘bitch, you fucking left it in the fucking bathroom. I know that it’s fucking yours.’ … Anyway, that got him to stop being a dickhead to me for a little bit because he knew that I could literally ruin his life. So that was really nice for a while.”

In the comments section, viewers had a variety of reactions to Beneventi’s post.

Some viewers seemed supportive of her, like one who said, “Slay serve survive,” and another who quipped, “You are my hero.”

One commenter was shocked at how Beneventi’s manager handled it: “I’m surprised he didn’t turn it around on you haha,” they wrote.

Others tried to guess where the TikToker worked.

“Was this the New Jersey turnpike,” one asked.

“Did u work at best buy,” a second questioned.

Another joked, “Did we work at the same place lmaooo.”

The Daily Dot contacted Beneventi via email for further comment.

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