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‘What is the point of going’: Worker says she didn’t show up to her new job because there was no Dunkin’ nearby

‘I wish I had your courage.’


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While job-hopping might raise some red flags with interviewers, there’s a lot of data that says the practice could ultimately work to an employee’s benefit, as job-hoppers seem to ultimately earn more money.

There are various reasons why workers decide to ditch jobs after a relatively short period of time, chief among them pay. But one TikToker’s decision to decline hopping to another position has less to do with the type of work environment and salary/benefits it offered, and more to do with the food and beverage options near the place she was supposed to start working.

Savannah Beneventi (@highspeedfan) has been candid about her work experiences at various companies and how she chooses to transition from employer to employer, even bragging about how she once got paid to do nothing for a month while working at Amazon.

In a recent TikTok, she states that she was excited to start a new position at a produce company, however, opted to decline to go in for training after learning there was no Dunkin’ on the way to her job.

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“So I got a call from like this produce place and this girl was just like OK you can come at whenever time and like we’ll train you,” she says in the video. “I was like, bet, so I was gonna look up a Dunkin’ to go to on the way there. Tell me why there’s not a fucking Dunkin’, bitch. There’s always a Dunkin’ no matter where you go no matter where you look in this fucking state. But all of a sudden this one? No fucking Dunkin’!”

She continues, “I was gonna go there because it’s a good place to really learn how you’re gonna start your day, they make you a good coffee, good day. Shit coffee, shitty day. I already know what kinda day I’m gonna have because there’s no fucking Dunkin’ and like what is the point of going. So, I’m not going.”

Before she ends the clip, Beneventi hops back on for a preemptive clap-back response to the comments she thought she was going to receive in response to her video.

“For the bitches who I know that are gonna be in my comments like, ‘oh my God that’s such like a stupid reason like not to go, like oh my God, like I’ve been applying to places for like fucking 15 years and I still haven’t gotten a job,’” she says. “Bitch, I just gave you a fucking place to fucking go and apply for because I’m not fucking going so if you don’t get hired, then maybe it’s you, maybe you’re the problem!”

There were a number of TikTokers who remarked that Beneventi seemed “unhinged” but that they ultimately supported her approach to how she chooses her jobs.

“You seem a little unhinged and I’m so here for it,” one commenter wrote. Another penned, “I strive to be this unaffected. Sticking it to capitalism.”

Others said that they, too, were job hoppers and were happy to find other individuals who embraced the same work philosophies that they do, with one user writing, “I’m a job hopper too lol I finally found my people.”

Someone else said, “I feel safe here… I am also a chronic job hopper,” while another TikToker quipped, “I’m starting my 11th job ! I’ll be getting paid even higher than ever before lmao.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Beneventi and Dunkin’ via email for further comment.

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