Serial job hopper claims Dollar General she worked at was infested with rats

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‘We were forced to stock the kiosk candy that was just covered in rat p*ss’: Job hopper claims Dollar General she worked at was infested with rats

'Like I have so many pictures of rat p*ss and sh*t it’s not even funny.'


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Posted on Mar 19, 2023

A TikTok video featuring a former employee of a Dollar General store has gone viral after she claimed that the store was infested with rats. The video was posted by a self-proclaimed “serial job hopper” who wanted to share some of her “unhinged moments” while working at the store.

In the video posted on Mar. 18, user Savannah Beneventi (@highspeedfan) describes her experience of working at Dollar General and the problems she faced while working there, including bad management and a rat infestation. She even shared pictures of rat urine and feces allegedly in the store.

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“One of the major problems at Dollar General aside from the customers and horrible management were the RATS!” the former employee says in the video. “Like I have so many pictures of rat piss and shit it’s not even funny.”

The TikToker claims that she and her co-worker were forced to stock candy that was covered in rat urine. “They carry diseases, like ‘Hello?'” she says. “So we were just like [no]. We left this note that said, ‘sorry there’s tinkle’. Like at least we were nice enough to leave a note, you know.”

Beneventi also shares that she and her friends would often ignore notes left for them by management, such as the one warning them not to bring anyone into the break room.

“And one thing about me is like if you leave a note and you like don’t tell me that it’s specifically for me, I’m just gonna pretend that it isn’t for me and that I didn’t see it,” she says.

The former employee justifies her lack of work by saying that she did not want to come in contact with rat-borne diseases.

“Literally I do not care what you have to say about work ethic or whatever because rats carry diseases and I’m not trying to come home with, I don’t fucking know, whatever rats carry, I’m not coming home with it,” she concludes.

The TikTok video has since gone viral, with many people expressing shock and sharing their own experiences with unhygienic work conditions.

“This was not unhinged it was very valid,” one commenter said.

Other viewers shared that they also had a terrible experience working for Dollar General, with one saying, “dg was the absolute worst place I’ve ever worked for, after two years and I’m so glad I’m done w it.”

Another added, “I used to work at dg. And oh my gosh. The mice was sooo bad. The smell would knock you down.”

“No I’d quit. That’s so disgusting and unsafe fr,” a further commenter remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Beneventi via TikTok direct message and to Dollar General via their press email.

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*First Published: Mar 19, 2023, 1:07 pm CDT