Woman refuses to get out of car after date takes her to Olive Garden.

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‘You’re either putting out or you’re paying’: Woman refuses to get out of car after date takes her to Olive Garden. Viewers are on his side

'Take her to a high-end restaurant and leave her there.'


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Posted on Nov 23, 2023   Updated on Nov 23, 2023, 9:06 am CST

A TikToker has gone viral after a woman refused to leave his car when she realized he had taken her to Olive Garden for their first date.

The video comes from user Nonitane (@nonitane) and is titled, “First date takes the wrong turn after ‘cheap’ restaurant choice!” The clip has gone viral with 1.6 million views, igniting a debate over modern dating etiquette and the role of restaurant choices in making a good first impression.

In a world where first date impressions are often influenced by social media’s portrayal of luxury and extravagance, Nonitane’s video captures a candid and contentious moment that has struck a chord with many.


First date takes the wrong turn after "cheap" restaurant choice!

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The video features a heated exchange between two individuals on a date, with the man filming from his point of view. The woman expresses her dissatisfaction with his choice of Olive Garden as the location for their first date, saying, “You brought me to Olive Garden. It’s Olive Garden. That’s the issue.”

The man, taken aback, defends his choice, “I brought you to a restaurant. This is our first date. I don’t even know you.” The conversation escalates as the woman questions, “Do I look like a chain restaurant type of girl?” and the man retorts, “No, I don’t think you look cheap, but I think right now your attitude is pretty cheap.”

The debate continues with the woman criticizing the man for not taking her to a higher-end restaurant, to which he responds, “I’m not gonna spend all this money and waste money on a date when I don’t even know the person.” The argument highlights a clash of expectations and values, with the woman, who expects a more upscale dining experience and the man, who sees Olive Garden as a reasonably nice choice for a first date. Unlimited pasta? C’mon, girl. 

The comments section became a battleground of opinions, with many users siding with the man and criticizing his date. One user wrote, “Take her to a high-end restaurant and leave her there. Bye!!” Another user questioned the source of such expectations, asking, “Where are these ladies getting this kind of attitude from?” But some commenters offered a different perspective, such as one user who wrote, “Wish somebody would take me to the Olive Garden.” Hey buddy, maybe find this gal?”

This incident reflects a broader trend on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where life is often portrayed through a lens of luxury. High-end restaurants like Nobu, Carbone, and Taylor Swift’s favorite, Cipriani, frequently feature in posts, potentially setting unrealistic expectations about what a “proper” first date should look like. This can lead to a disconnect between the reality of most people’s lives and the wildly heightened expectations set by social media.

Nonitane’s video is more than just a viral sensation; it’s a snapshot of modern dating dynamics, where expectations can clash in dramatic fashion. It serves as a reminder that while social media might influence our perceptions of what is desirable or acceptable, at the end of the day, personal preferences and compatibility are what truly matter. Whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a comfortable chain eatery like the Olive Garden, the right date will appreciate the gesture and the company, more than the setting.

It should be noted that another woman previously went viral on TikTok for engaging in the very same behavior: she refused to go to the Cheesecake Factory on a first date and proceeded to put the man who took her out on blast. After much back and forth, the man informed her that he didn’t think their values aligned and drove her back home after saying that he was not interested in attempting to pursue a romantic relationship.

Both these incidents stem from yet another TikTok post in which a woman shared a list of places that she wouldn’t go on a first date. Needless to say, the list generated some controversy.

Could it be that the aforementioned clip at Olive Garden was an attempt by Nonitane to replicate the success that another video had? Or are there just that many people out there who are very particular about where they go out to eat on a first date?

The Daily Dot has reached out to Nonitane via TikTok comment for further information. 

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2023, 6:30 pm CST