AirTag user notices her tracker is 5 minutes down the street at 7/11.

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‘I was not expecting that ending’: AirTag user notices her tracker is down the street at 7-Eleven. She confronts her wallet thief suspect

‘plot twist of the year.’


Melody Heald


A woman revealed how she was able to track down a suspect who allegedly stole her wallet using an Apple AirTag.

TikTok user Bree, who is known as imthebreesknees, posted the video to show how “f*cking accurate” AirTag devices can be. According to Bree, during dinner the previous evening she received a notification that her car trunk was open. Bree says she wasn’t initially alarmed by the information, and brushed the warning off.

Later that evening, however, Bree received a text from her bank. “Your card was just used at a local liquor store and has been flagged for fraud,” the text read. Finally, Bree understood what happened: “Oh, my f*cking god. Someone must have stolen my bag out of my car,” she says.


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Luckily, Bree is the owner of an Apple AirTag, a product that can be used to track items such as wallets or keys. Bree used the Apple Find My app and made a startling discovery. “My AirTag for my wallet is 10 minutes down at a random apartment complex,” she reveals.

Bree enlists the help of her roommate, who agrees to go search for the wallet and suggests they look for police officers along the way who might be able to help. Bree says she does encounter police at the apartment, who take down a report and advise she keep an eye on the AirTag location.

The following day, Bree is following that advice when she notices the AirTag five minutes down the street at a nearby 7-Eleven. Bree approaches the area and follows the Find My app, which indicates the AirTag is in a nearby car. Bree says the signal grew stronger as she approached the vehicle and a man inside.

“Hey, sir, have you been able to find a wallet? I’m missing it,” she says she told the man. “My tracker shows that it is in your car.” The man denied having Bree’s wallet and drove away. As the man drove away, Bree says the Find My app showed her AirTag left the area long with it.

Bree followed the man home, and contacted police again to let them know what she’d learned. A police officer later found Bree’s AirTag tucked into the side mirror of the man’s car. The wallet thief must have apparently stashed the AirTag while departing the scene of the car break-in.

“So, I essentially followed an innocent man for 24 hours,” Bree concludes in the video.

In a follow-up video, Bree says she still has “no idea” where her wallet and bag are. She is sure the man she was tracking was “not involved at all” and that the actual thief ditched the AirTag in an effort to evade tracking.

The video racked up over 1.1 million views as of Monday, with viewers expressing surprise at the ending.

“I was not expecting that ending,” one viewer wrote, accompanied by a skull emoji.

“Damn plot twist of the year,” a second agreed.

AirTags routinely pop up in the news for nefarious reasons. Earlier this month, a shop owner showed how customers are using AirTags to steal clothes. In January, a mother raised a stir by claiming her ex placed an AirTag on their daughter without her knowledge.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bree via Instagram DM and TikTok for comment.

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