Woman explains h ow she lands 4 work-from-home jobs, sparking debate


‘Time to get to the money’: Viewers defend woman who lands 4 work-from-home jobs

'And no I am not overworking myself.'


Phil West


Posted on May 13, 2023

A woman took to TikTok to show that it’s possible to ace the interview process and land a work-from-home job—and she flexed by landing four different jobs.

The TikTok video showing her getting four different job offers—and then setting up four different monitors to apparently handle everything air traffic controller-style—comes from creator Shakara, getting more than 409,000 views since going up on the platform in early April.

The video’s narration says, “When you mastered your interview skills and successfully landed not one, not two, not three, but four work-from-home jobs.”

Then, showing someone helping the creator set up a two-by-two stack of monitors, the voice says, “Time to get to the money. And no I am not overworking myself. All of this was done on purpose.”

Then, it ends with a clue to what’s going on here: “So stay tuned for the link to my interview coaching sessions.”

@plnailz Link to interview sessions uploading at Midnight. 4 WFH job 🤑💰😜 #wfh #remote #jobs #wfhjobs #workfromhome #interview #interviewtips #coach #crazy #success #wfhlife ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

In a follow-up video answering the inevitable question about possibly normalizing such an eyebrow-raising prospect, the creator—in her own voice this time—relays, “I am not trying to normalize work and more than one job in order to survive. But for a lot of people, the reality is they have no other choice because inflation and the cost of living is putting them in a predicament where having one job is just not enough to live comfortably.”

“Now for me, I’m actually a business owner and I had to hire employees,” she said, seemingly referring to the Platinum Level Nailz business appearing elsewhere in her bio links, “but I wanted to have another stream of income. And I wanted to be able to teach people how to land jobs by passing their interviews. So me being a business owner, I was able to master interview skills from a CEO point of view and understanding what it is that a lot of companies are looking for when it comes to hiring new employees. But in order for me to put my skill set to the test, I had to apply to other jobs to see whether or not what I knew behind the scenes was actually going to work or not.”

@plnailz Replying to @sarahabena BTW I’m enjoying the extra $75/hr doing practically nothing 😂. My first checks about to be NIIIICE. Sometimes you need to explain so people understand 🙄 #wfh #remote #jobs #wfhjobs #workfromhome #interview #funny #coach #crazy #success ♬ original sound – Shakara G

She goes on in the video to explain that the skills she developed helped her land multiple jobs, and while other videos and comments in those indicated that she was at least trying her hand at the jobs, she also said in this follow-up video, “I do not plan on working four work-from-home jobs”—though she did hint by the video’s end that she’d like to consult some of the people whose attention she caught with the TikTok.

From the Linktree in her bio, it’s possible to book time with her to get resume reviews and personalized interview coaching, if you believe you’re able to replicate what she claims to have done. (Or, perhaps, trying to get just one job instead of four.)

Though comments are turned off (and therefore not visible) in the initial video, some people jumped into the Part 2 comments section to dig a little deeper—especially since the initial video showed customer service in the job descriptions.

“How do you manage? Are they all no calls?” asked one.

“She’s just gonna do training and then dip, lol,” another guessed. “Ain’t no way for these customer service jobs.”

One person claimed it can be done, saying, “I do it been doing it since the pandemic started and it can get tricky but when those checks all hit my account at the same time it’s real motivating.”

“I can’t even get one damn job,” observed another, which made her just the type of person the creator was trying to reach.

And finally, one person fretted that showing the set-up on TikTok would put one or more of those jobs at risk.

“I wouldn’t even post this for them to see.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via email.

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*First Published: May 13, 2023, 11:56 am CDT