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‘I was able to make 7 meal preps’: Whole Foods customer shares hack to getting 4 entrées of salmon, 2 family-style sides for only $26.99

'I’m actually looking forward to work now.'


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Posted on Sep 6, 2023   Updated on Sep 11, 2023, 8:58 am CDT

If you see the words “Whole Foods” and think “out of my budget,” think again.

TikTok creator JaeJae Lewis (@jaejaelewis) recently shared her experience with a meal prep hack purchased from the upscale grocery chain, and the video’s gone viral with almost 703,000 views and over 38,000 likes.

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Lewis’ TikTok starts with a clip from another creator’s video, showing a $26.99 tray of salmon and vegetables. 

“So I had to get it,” Lewis says to the camera, setting her Whole Foods bag on the kitchen counter and adding, “$26.99. Are you serious?”

The price tag, which she shows to the camera, lists the item as the Paleo Salmon Family Meal. Lewis says that when she went to Whole Foods in person, employees told her she had to order the meal online.

So, she did. Lewis shows the large meal tray to the camera: broccoli, string beans, sliced sweet potatoes, and four full portions of salmon. 

The creator then shows that she made seven meal prep portions from the food that came in the tray. “We are set for the week,” Lewis says. Her only criticism: The family meals from Whole Foods only came in two options, either salmon or chicken.

“I’m actually looking forward to work now,” Lewis concludes.

One viewer asked in the comments section, “Wait but how did you get 7 meals with only 4 pieces of salmon. Lol genuinely curious.” Lewis replied, “I split the salmon fillets in half they were big for a lunch sized portion.”

“I got it but it only lasted for two days with family of 3. It was good though,” another commenter wrote.

“Cheaper than the meal prep companies. I’d probably buy both proteins for lunch and dinner,” one comment read.

A viewer suggested, “If you were to make some rice you could probably stretch it even further.” Lewis replied, “Omg thats a bomb idea.”

“Costco rotisserie chicken with frozen veggies and their pre-made meals are great too!” another commenter wrote.

Lewis made a subsequent video about how to find the meal in the Amazon app. The Paleo Salmon Family Meal was not available in the Daily Dot’s Austin, Texas hometown. Still, similar lemon rosemary chicken and chicken scallopini family meals were available for $26.99, just like the viral salmon meal.

TikTok has a wealth of meal prep ideas. One creator tried out meal prepping with chicken enchiladas from a local Mexican joint. Others have shared their meal prep ideas using food from Sam’s Club and Chili’s.

Update 8:57am CT, Sept. 11: Lewis told the Daily Dot via TikTok direct message, “I decided to make this video because im into meal prepping. I love trying new ideas especially ideas that makes like a little easier for me.”

And when Lewis finds something that really works, she says she loves to share it.

“The meal prep worked out well for my family. We saved money and the food in my opinion was good,” Lewis said.

The Daily Dot contacted Whole Foods via email for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 2:47 pm CDT