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‘They’re checking with drivers’: Spark driver issues delivery scam PSA. She says Walmart did nothing about it

'They changed it cause it used to be a banana.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jul 23, 2023

A Walmart Spark delivery driver shared how she was allegedly almost scammed and said Walmart did nothing about it.

The video featured TikTok user Taylor (@taylershaver) in her car. “If you get an order for Spark Delivery for a lemon and a lime, don’t take it,” she warned Spark drivers. The order popped up on her screen for $15, five miles, and no tip. While on her way to drop off the order, she received a phone call. When she answered it, a man asked, “‘Is this Taylor with Spark Delivery?’” After confirming who she was, the content creator stated that “the order already had been delivered by another driver and I didn’t need to deliver the order.” However, Taylor still “needed to go to the location and complete the delivery” for her to get paid.

Puzzled, the man explained how, “they’re checking with drivers,” making sure that they’re not “letting other people use their account.” Afterward, the man proceeded to ask for her phone number. This made the content creator even more confused because he “already has” her phone number. Nevertheless, she gave it to him. “Then he says that I’m gonna get a text and he gave me another phone number,” she said. Next, the man said that there was “another number associated” with her “Branch account.” Branch is an account Spark drivers get paid through.

Again, the content creator was bewildered and didn’t recognize the number the man provided. Then, she unveiled a text she received from Branch. “A device is attempting to access your Branch account. If you recognize this activity, respond ‘yes,’” she read out loud. Once she got the text, the man asked for her pin which she declined to give. “‘No, I’m not doing this. This is obviously a scam. Goodbye,’” she told the man. What confirmed the number being a scam she said was that the house the delivery was located at had a “for sale” sign on it. Despite not delivering the order, she still marked it “completed.”

Afterward, Taylor called the customer through the app and the same man answered but the call dropped. Then, the content creator drove down to her Walmart, sharing everything that had occurred. On her way there, she received another phone call from the same man. “I get a phone call from the same number,” she said. “I answer and he says the same pitch but a different name.” However, Taylor called the man out, telling him to “stop scamming people.” Immediately, the man hung up.

When she arrived at Walmart, she relayed all the information. “I went into Walmart and gave them the whole spiel. They said they’re ‘well aware’ and they ‘didn’t care.’” Taylor wrapped up the video by warning people of this scam. “If you get an order for a lemon and a lime or even if you just think it’s sketchy, don’t accept it,” she said. “And never give someone a pen to your accounts.” At that point, the content creator considered closing her Branch account because she “changed it to another phone they just started.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Taylor via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and Walmart via press contact form regarding the video. The video garnered over 16,000 views as of Sunday.

“It happened to me but I did the drive got my 15$ and said peace y’all,” one viewer said.

“This just happened to me,” a second stated.

In addition, others shared the other tactics scammers used to use.

“There’s also a 1 banana scam just like this!” one person shared.

“They changed it cause it used to be a banana,” a second echoed.

Back in April, WECT News reported about the banana scam with a Spark driver. As a result, their entire month’s paycheck was stolen. New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jerry Brewer, who receives reports like this often, issued the red flags these scammers use. “If they’ve called you asking for money, they called asking for account information, or they’ve called you saying that a relative is needing help and that relative has not called you, that would be a red flag as well,” he explained.

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*First Published: Jul 23, 2023, 11:30 am CDT