Shopper accuses Walmart of trying to ‘poison’ customers with these unusually labeled eggs

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‘They’re trying to feed us this’: Shopper accuses Walmart of trying to ‘poison’ customers with unusually labeled eggs

‘That’s why my eggs come straight from the chicken to the pan.’


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While Walmart may be beloved for its low prices, many shoppers have raised concerns about the quality of its food over the years.

For example, several have claimed that the chicken they purchased from the chain had a stringy consistency, a phenomenon known as “spaghetti meat.” Others have questioned the quality of their steaks, while even more users have noted concerns about the products sold under its Great Value label.

Now, another internet user has shared a worry about eggs sold at the popular chain.

An unusually labeled set of eggs

In a video with over 50,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user Dion (@dion.drange) shows a pack of a dozen eggs, two of which he’s cracked into a bowl.

“I don’t know what Walmart has got going on, but they’re painting all these eggs,” he says. Each egg has a visible red spot on top.

“Look, y’all, the paint is coming through the eggs!” he exclaims, holding an eggshell up to the camera. It does appear that the red dye can be seen inside the egg.

Throughout the rest of the video and in the text overlaying it, Dion shares his concerns about the healthfulness of this dye, accusing the maker of trying to “poison us.”

“What is this stuff? What is the purpose of this? All my life, eggs have never been like this,” he states. He then puts some of the dye on his fingers and attempts to wash it off in the sink; the dye is not easily removed.

“Look at this! This, this doesn’t just come off, and you know how strong that’s got to be to be going through the eggshell,” he declares.

@dion.drange Cant even survive in peace on this planet anymore they tryna shove chemicals in ya body 24/7 #drange ♬ original sound – Dion

Dion later made a follow-up video showing that the eggs in question were Eggland’s Best Organic eggs. He then shows another Eggland package that says it’s filled with “Cage Free” eggs. While these eggs also have a stamp, it is significantly smaller.

Still, Dion is not happy about the presence of the stamp altogether.

“As we’ve seen, this is strong enough to bleed through the egg, so no matter how small it is, I don’t even think it’s safe regardless,” he concludes.

@dion.drange Replying to @Pollyester888 whats the purpose of stamping eggs somebody tell me please ? #drange ♬ original sound – Dion

Is this egg dye safe?

On the company’s website, Eggland explains the purpose of the red stamp shown in the video.

“The Eggland’s Best logo identifies eggs that are produced according to the EB management program required for a wholesome and nutritious product,” the site reads. “The program incorporates guidelines for feeding, animal welfare, housing, disease prevention, and quality control required to create an EB Egg.”

As for the nature of the dye itself, Eggland states that “the logo is applied by stamping machines which use an FDA-compliant, USDA-approved, food-safe ink that is acceptable as a food additive.”

While the company does not state why the dye is occasionally visible inside the egg, it is not uncommon, having been noted on Reddit around five years ago. As eggshells are porous, it is possible that some of the dye made its way into the egg—though as the dye itself is food-safe, eating an egg with dye on its inside is overwhelmingly likely to be perfectly fine for your health.

Commenters share their thoughts

Although some users in the comments section expressed concern, many told Dion not to worry about the visible dye in his eggs. That said, others noted that if Dion really has a problem with this, there are ways of purchasing eggs that do not expose one to such a stamp.

“That’s why my eggs come straight from the chicken to the pan,” wrote a user.

“I buy eggs from a local farm,” added another.

“I never eat any store-bought eggs or beef anymore. i really hope you find a farmer,” echoed a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via its media contact form, Eggland’s Best via website contact form, and Dion via TikTok direct message.

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