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‘Back to the life’: Viewers defend waitress who ‘manically’ moves cross-country and finds another restaurant job

‘I emailed 50+ restaurants my resume and personalized message.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a server shared how quickly she was able to find a new job after deciding to make a cross-country move.

In the video, Lulu (@celibate_succubus) is seen typing “soul sucking serving jobs” into a job search engine (though she later explains she didn’t use a search engine and instead contacted restaurants individually).

“Crawling back to waitressing because it’s the easiest way to manically move across country,” she said.

Lulu said she was nervous this time because the job search was taking more than her usual two days to find a job when she “impulsively” moves, and this time it took five days.

Multiple people in the comment section were curious about how Lulu was able to land a job so quickly when they struggled to land similar employment.

“I emailed 50+ restaurants my resume and personalized message, to the email on their site even if they weren’t hiring, the week before I arrived,” Lulu shared.

The video has more than 320,000 views and over 220 comments.

“back to the life of a comped meal being all i eat for the day and downing 7 pepsi’s,” Lulu wrote in the caption.

In a follow-up video, she added that she is not a “role model” and her recent series of moves were for the most part, not by choice and caused by a difficult situation. Lulu went on to say she incurred a lot of debt and had to put herself in some sketchy situations to make it through. She has no intention of the constant moving and job hunt being her permanent lifestyle.

“I plan on going to nursing school. This is just an in-between while my life’s a shit show thing,” Lulu shared. “Which, it looks like it’s only going up from here, so that’s great.”

For those looking to move across the country sporadically and find jobs “the right way,” Lulu recommended the job site CoolWorks. On the site CoolWorks describes itself as sharing  “job opportunities in great places—from national parks to ski resorts, dude ranches to summer camps, and everything in between.”

“Coolworks jobs is the best and worst. Usually seasonal positions. Servers get [$$$]. I worked front desk at a lodge; housing was nice but $ was [shit],” a commenter wrote.

Lulu also suggested people claim their tips come tax season. She said she makes more money waitressing than at her more “respected” white-collar job but had no way to prove it until she started claiming her tips.

She also gave the added context that it’s been easy for her to land jobs because she’s been in the restaurant industry for 15 years, and her resume stands out because of that.

“In short, I didn’t do anything the right way, I’m a shit show, and don’t follow my lead. But follow it a little bit,” Lulu said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lulu for comment via Instagram DM.

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