worker who gets PTO denied, takes vacation anyway

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‘PTO = prepare the others. PERIOD’: Viewers defend worker who gets PTO denied, says she’ll take the vacation anyway

'How can they deny PTO? It's yours to use.'


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Posted on Feb 11, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:54 pm CST

A worker let the world know that PTO stands for “prepare the others” and that she’s not coming into work, after getting her request denied, and she has people in her corner.

The TikToker trying to do the right thing by taking PTO (paid time off) before quitting a job, Kay (@mvpkayy), shared her thoughts about the situation in a Jan. 30 video that’s since received more than 406,000 views. The Daily Dot has reached out to her via email for more information.

In it, she lays out the situation, saying, “Before I quit, I want to use my PTO, even though most of the time, your PTO dead-a** is eaten up in taxes.”

She then details her plans, noting that she’s normally off on Thursdays and Fridays, has concert plans for Feb. 14, and had it all mapped out to satisfy her employer and herself as she’s transitioning to a new job. In this, she’s experiencing the frustration that many workers have as they’re leaving jobs—wanting to use all the PTO they’re entitled to while trying not to upset those employers for fear of repercussions.

But she discovered that the request was denied by her employer, and was understandably upset.

“PTO!” she exclaims in the video. “Prepare the others because I won’t f*cking be there! I’m only trying to get my new job!”

She rants for a bit in the video, concluding, “Denial is a river in Egypt!” before reiterating, “Prepare the others; I won’t be coming.”

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Commenters on her TikTok sympathized with her plight.

“Pto is ‘earned wages’ so quit today bb and they have to pay the pto out either way,” someone counseled.

“Nah baby read the policies,” another countered. “I tried that and they showed me right where it said ‘any unused PTO is forfeit[ed] when splitting from the company.'”

Another advised, “Never give a two weeks notice.”

While some likened their PTO requests as a “heads up” rather than asking permission, one noted, “My work always declines PTO.”

But Kay recorded a part two revealing that the blame should really, in retrospect, lie with her.

In that video, recorded later that day, she revealed that she’d actually put it in wrong.

@mvpkayy Replying to @Nettina ♬ original sound – Kay 🦋

She noted in an accompanying comment, “I gotta stop cussing people out so quickly.”

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*First Published: Feb 11, 2024, 1:00 pm CST