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‘I just bawled my eyes out’: Twin Peaks server makes over $2,000 on her last shift before leaving job

‘I am so incredibly, incredibly thankful for that job.’


Phil West


A Twin Peaks server who chronicled a number of her shifts on TikTok just left her job—but made more than $2,000 in her final 14-hour shift.

The video capturing the magical last day came from creator Avery Linhart (@averylinhart3), previously chronicled by the Daily Dot in stories capturing another 14-hour shift in which she tried to make rent, a shift in which she wore a birthday sash and averaged $59 an hour, and one in which she expressed her frustrations with working at Twin Peaks, which could be generally lumped into a “men behaving badly” bucket.

In this video, she dons a sash again—one that literally says, “It’s my last day”—and it proves instrumental in an epic haul at her Bryan, Texas location.

She begins and ends her video by talking about how sad she is to leave the job, noting that she’s moving. Specifically, she says, “We’re gonna see how much money I can make on my 14-hour shift today for moving because it’s expensive.”


So blessed to have a job with the people I met, the coworkers I had, and the friends ill miss like crazy. Thanks for watching ❤️🖤

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She notes in the video that Darrell, a loyal Twin Peaks customer who became a recurring character in Linhart’s videos, stayed for the entirety of her 14-hour shift, which started at 10 a.m. and ended at midnight.

Along the way, one customer brought her flowers, another brought her a scratch-off lottery ticket, and two others bought her chicken sandwiches, knowing she’s “obsessed” with them.

Linhart also revealed that, with a customer’s baller tip of $500, she cracked the $2,000 mark in tips for the night.

“I made $1,264 in cash,” she exclaims between sobs, “and $812 on card, for a total of $2,076.”

She concludes by giving thanks to her regulars, co-workers, and TikTok fans. “I am so incredibly, incredibly thankful for that job and it will be very missed,” she says.

The video has brought in more than 972,000 views in its first 21 hours on the platform.

Linhart’s loyal fans were tickled to see Darrell in this final video.

“Darrell stayed your whole shift,” someone remarked.

Linhart replied, “He’s the best but [I] kinda made him lol.”

Someone else, commenting on Darrell’s dedication to Linhart, quipped, “Looks like Darrell is moving too.”

Other viewers commented on the bounty Linhart brought in.

“I don’t even make that in a month as a teacher,” one marveled.

Another said, “i NEVER even made half of that at twin peaks,” with a crying emoji and a “good for u girl.”

A few others expressed their fandom for Linhart’s content, including one who noted, “I love your channel so much. you’re a real life Disney princess.”

The Daily Dot contacted Linhart via TikTok comment and Twin Peaks via email for more information.

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