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‘Rent is due today and I still need $300’: Twin Peaks server shares how much she makes in one shift

'So that would be... $48.50 an hour.'


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Posted on Apr 12, 2023

A Twin Peaks waitress’ uploaded a vlog of her working a double shift at the restaurant chain, sharing how much money she was able to earn in a nearly 14-hour period.

User Avery Linhart’s (@averylinhart3) TikTok video sparked a debate in the comments section, with some folks wondering how she claimed to be short on rent money despite her making as much as she did in a single day.


Im a double again next saturday i dont know why i keep doing it

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“So I am a double at Twin Peaks today,” Avery says in the clip. “You know, 14-hour shift. Rent is due today and I still need $300 so… let’s go.”

The clip then transitions to show Avery in her car, grabbing some iced coffee beverages from a drive-thru window and thanking the employee. Avery is then seen in her work outfit again, holding two of the drinks in her hands.

“It’s a two coffee kind of day so…cheers,” she says.

She then records herself with a regular customer rocking a cowboy hat. Avery says, “Daryl’s here,” the two smile for the camera before the video cuts again, this time to her in the kitchen area showing off what looks like a fruit, granola, and yogurt bowl. “One of my customers brought me a little smoothie bowl. I’m so excited!” she says.

After eating the treat, Avery checks in with how much she’s made so far.

“So it’s like 5:20, I’m at $69 in cash and about $100 on card,” she says.

She then holds up another coffee, gifted to her by a customer. The chatter of customers and bustle of the restaurant can be heard in the background. “One of my regulars brought me coffee, so, third one of the day!” Avery says, smiling.

In what appears to be the break room, she holds a tray of tacos in front of a mirror. “I got some tacos for dinner and a sticker,” she explains.

After the shift, Avery runs down what she’s earned in her vehicle.

“So I ended up making $211 in cash, $420 on card—for a total of $631,” she explains. “And I ended up going home an hour early so I worked thirteen hours instead of fourteen, so that would be… $48.50 an hour.”

Avery’s post sparked a litany of different reactions from folks in the comments section. Some expressed how jarring it is to see posts from servers online who complain about only making $2 per hour while individuals like Avery manage to earn nearly $50 an hour.

“Why do servers always claim to make so much but then never have money for they bills lol,” one commenter said.

Someone else wrote, “so why am i supposed to tip 20% again?”

Another remarked, “All I see is waitresses complaining about making 2 bucks an hour, but then they go and make $631 over 14 hours.”

One TikToker replied to the statement speculating as to why Avery was able to earn so much. “Depend on where you’re a waiter at,” they argued. “Her outfits are more revealing than a usual waiters so ofc she’s gonna make more tips lol.”

Others remarked how relatable it was that even though Avery said she needed $300 during her shift in order to pay her rent, she still stopped to buy several iced coffees on the way to work. “Need $300, goes to buy coffee I do the same,” one user joked.

Someone else asked Avery directly how she is short on rent if she’s earning so much while working at Twin Peaks. “If you’re making that much much per shift how are you short rent money,” they questioned.

Avery replied, “Because I spend $16k a year on tuition 15k on rent and pay for everything else while putting money into savings :).”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Avery via TikTok comment and Twin Peaks via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 12, 2023, 1:23 pm CDT