Shopper catches Goodwill selling $6.99 pot from TJ Maxx for $7.37

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‘TJ Maxx cheaper than Goodwill!’: Shopper catches Goodwill selling $6.99 pot from TJ Maxx for $7.37


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Goodwill has become notorious for reselling items for a higher price, and this incident is no different. A woman revealed a pot she discovered at the thrift store selling for $7.37 was originally priced at $6.99 at TJ Maxx.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user gorjesboutique, who typically posts content about reselling thrift items. In this clip, she made an interesting discovery while shopping at Goodwill. “Back at Goodwill to look into the hard good section for something for myself,” she says in the video.

As she browsed through the section, a red teapot priced at $7.37 caught her eye. When she lifted the teapot up she stumbled upon a sticker with a barcode at the bottom. “Six ninety ninety-nine at TJ Maxx. Something isn’t mathing right now,” the video concludes.

“TJ Maxx cheaper than Goodwill!” she writes in the caption.

@gorjesboutique TJ Maxx cheaper than Goodwill! #thrifthaul #hardgoods #Resellercommunity #ebayreseller #poshmarkreseller #poshboss #ebaylife #poshbabe #thriftyfinds #poorpeopleproblems #goodwillfinds #goodwillqueens ♬ original sound – GorJesBoutique – Reseller

The video has amassed more than 409,000 views since it was posted. In the comments, viewers attempted to explain the phenomenon.

“They’re pricing is [based] on the original price of an item(new) divided by 3 (I work at a goodwill) it’s really sad,” one viewer explained.

“I used to work in a thrift store, they started upping the prices not only because of inflation, but also because of resellers,” a second wrote.

In addition, others shared their favorite overpriced Goodwill finds.

“my favorite is when they sell dollar store items for way more [than] a dollar,” one user revealed.

“No the best is highschool pottery class monstrosities going for +$5,” a second commented.

This isn’t the first time Goodwill has gone viral for inflated prices. TikTok user Marcy caught the thrift store selling a used salad bowl container for $5. Another user found a Banana Republic dress for $49.99 that was initially priced at $29.99. And, finally, a user expressed shock after spotting a shirt from fast fashion retailer Zara priced at $19.99.

The Daily Dot reached out to gorjesboutique via TikTok and Goodwill via press email for comment.

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