Texas Roadhouse secret menu items with a surprise one at the end

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‘Corporate is watching’: Texas Roadhouse server shows secret menu items from her touchscreen

'with a suprise one at the end'


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Posted on Aug 5, 2023

A Texas Roadhouse employee and TikTok user posted a viral TikTok that showed off some “secret” menu items.

Hannah, who is known as pimpvanillaslim on TikTok, posted the video in a response to a previous one she posted which shows a customized order of pulled pork on its cactus blossom. The order is basically the steakhouse’s version of Outback’s famous Bloomin’ Onion.

Folks didn’t really think that this constituted as a “secret” since it was essentially just an amalgamation of two items that are clearly visible to anyone who has access to the menu to see. This isn’t the case for the menu items she shows off in her latest “secret menu item” clip, however.

@pimpvanillaslim Texas Roadhouse Secret Menu Items with a suprise one at the end WITH PRICES! #texasroadhouse #texasroadhouserolls ♬ The Big Bang – Rock Mafia

Hannah says in the the viral clip: “OK welcome to Hannah’s Texas Roadhouse life hacks. I’mma show you an actual secret menu since everyone’s flaming me on the fact that pulled pork and cactus blossom were both on the menu so they weren’t ‘secret’ menu items. This one is actually.”

The clip then transitions to her pressing buttons on the touchscreen ordering monitor where she shows off the secret menu item she’s referring to. She taps a selection that reads: “Grill cheese,” which she calls “legendary.” The hidden menu item is $5.49.

She says that the option is off of the kids’ menu, however, the chain’s online “global menu” doesn’t show it as an option, which indicates it could be a restaurant-specific order. Hannah goes on to show that the melted cheese sandwich could be paired with a variety of sides.

The other “hidden” menu option that folks may not know about is ice cream, which she shows is $2.99. The final “secret” menu item she shows off to her followers is a chili cheese dog, which also costs $5.49.

One user joked that “corporate is watching [her]” for sharing this clandestine information. Another claimed this information is already common knowledge: “Also…. Not a secret.”

For one reason or another, folks are obsessed with the idea of being able to order items off of a “secret menu.” Grubbrr writes that this is more than likely due to the fact that it makes folks feel as if they’re part of some type of exclusive club of people who have access to knowledge that others do not.

Whether or not this psychological profile on secret menu item lovers is accurate, what we do know is that, for one reason or another, there are several “secret menu hacks” that have gone viral on TikTok. Like this Chick-fil-A employee who divulged some of their favorite off-the-traditional-menu orders from the chicken fast casual chain.

Some of these secret orders, viewers allege, are blatant lies. An example of this would be a Raising Cane’s customer who said that they were able to order “Caniac Mac,” which is supposedly macaroni and cheese that the chicken finger chain servess, but only if customers ask for it by name. Some employees said the dish could be impossible to make.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hannah via TikTok comment and Texas Roadhouse via email for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 5, 2023, 9:39 pm CDT