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‘I been getting free DoorDash for 2 months’: McDonald’s customer shows ‘glitch’ in the app that can give you free food

‘I been having free DoorDash for so long now.’


Stacy Fernandez


As fast-food prices continue to rise, people are eager to take advantage of any deals they can get.

Fast-food prices have been significantly outpacing inflation, with some popular items costing double what they used to a few years ago, Finance Buzz calculated.

Dollar menus seem to be a thing of the past, and fast-casual dining spots like Chili’s and Applebee’s are gaining popularity as affordable options (sometimes costing the same as a McDonald’s or Wendy’s meal) with heftier portions.

According to multiple analyses, McDonald’s is one of the biggest culprits, with at least three menu items (the McDouble, medium fries, and the quarter pounder with cheese meal) all going up more than double in price.

Given these rising costs, it’s no wonder people are trying to take advantage of meal deals when they can.

In a viral video, Maryah (@maryah781), who posts different deals from food to beauty items, explains that she can sometimes get meals from DoorDash for as little as $2. If you’ve ever ordered a relatively cheap meal on DoorDash, you’d know that even a $12 combo meal can easily run you upwards of $20, including fees, taxes, and tips.

At the time of the video, McDonald’s was running a deal in which if you spent $15, you’d get a free 10-piece nugget.

“But the glitch is, you do not have to spend $15 plus the 10 piece,” Maryah clarifies.

Instead of having to spend $15 on several food items and then getting the nuggets for free on top of it, you can add the nuggets to make up part of the $15 total, decreasing how much you spend overall.

In her case, since the 10-piece nuggets cost $7.49, that meant spending an extra $8.69 for a Big Mac. The $7 for the 10-piece got subtracted because of the deal, leaving Maryah with a total of $10.08 in fees and taxes.

“So if you’re looking for something quick to eat—that’s a perfect deal,” Maryah says.

She adds that the discount should automatically apply to the cart without having to type in a discount code.

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While the nuggets deal is over, she did recently post a new video alerting people that a similar deal is going on through Sunday. But instead of nuggets, you get a McCripsy.

Where to find McDonald’s deals

Now, McDonald’s having deals isn’t special. It regularly has deals on DoorDash and almost always features a deal on this page, but the catch is that you have to redeem it through the app.

People in the comments section had mixed reactions to Maryah’s video.

“No tip is crazy,” the top comment read.

“I been getting free doordash for 2 months,” a person said with no more explanation.

“I just tried it !!! i usually pay $28 just for my meal and i payed $14,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Maryah, DoorDash, and McDonald’s for comment via email.

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