Canes drive thru menu with caption 'how to order ask for the 'caniac mac' off the secret menu' (l) Cane's sign on building (c) woman eating mac and cheese in car with caption 'success!!' (r)

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‘The restaurant doesn’t even have stoves or pots’: Raising Cane’s customer allegedly orders mac and cheese off ‘secret menu’

“Ask for the ‘caniac mac’ off the secret menu.”


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Raising Cane’s is known for one thing and one thing only: chicken fingers. The chain started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now has some 600 locations (as of this writing) located in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

The allure of the restaurant is that it’s lauded for just a handful of menu items, the star of course being deep-fried breaded pieces of chicken paired with its trademark Cane’s sauce, which appears to be ketchup- and mayonnaise-based, along with a few other seasonings to give it its tangy and savory allure.

According to the chain’s official website, the only food options it offers are chicken fingers, Texas toast, crinkle cut fries, coleslaw, and a chicken finger sandwich. Cane’s also serves Coca-Cola fountain sodas, sweet tea, unsweetened tea, and lemonade. And that’s it. Or, at least, that’s all it claims it can serve.

One TikToker is claiming the chain has a secret menu in a video that’s raising the eyebrows of Raising Cane’s employees.

@thebestuser101 uploaded a clip that’s received over 180,000 views. It shows multiple people in a car ordering the “caniac mac.” The clip then cuts to two folks in the car holding plates of mac and cheese.

A text overlay in the video reads: “Ordering macaroni from cane’s secret menu how to order: ask for the ‘caniac mac’ off the secret menu success!!”

@thebestuser101 you gotta try cane’s secret menu!! #canessecretmenu #raisingcanes ♬ SIX80SOUTH – Myles Parrish

If there is indeed a secret menu at the Cane’s location this TikToker ordered from, it doesn’t appear that this is a widespread offering throughout the chain’s many franchises. Menus4you explicitly states there isn’t a hidden stable of items customers can order at the chain by simply asking for it, save for a temporary honey mustard sauce that may not be available at all locations. “When it comes to a secret menu, you’re out of luck…There’s no Raising Cane’s secret menu, but they do offer a variety of deals that you’ll want to take advantage of. You could also join the Caniac Club, which offers plenty of benefits to members,” the outlet writes.

TikTokers who responded to @thebestuser101’s post also seemed dubious. User @hectorfrausto_ said they’re an employee at Raising Cane’s and that there’s no way for a restaurant to even prepare mac and cheese in the restaurant’s kitchen as they aren’t equipped to do so. “As a canes employee ik we fs dont sell mac n cheese , the restaurants don’t even have stoves or pots,” they wrote.

This was backed by another user, @coldsteppadaniel, who wrote: “I used to work there & we don’t have this,” along with @brooklynnrea, who said, “As an ex-employee. we fs don’t have the resources for that. AT ALL. all we got is fryers.”

However, judging from other comments by different TikTok users, it appears that this offering may just depend on the location you’re visiting. “I work there and my location has them you just have to ask,” @juuljustin alleged.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thebestuser101 via TikTok comment and Raising Cane’s via email for further information.

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