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‘The Texas Toast is so versatile’: Dollar Tree shopper reveals 6 grocery items that are ‘cheaper than they are at Walmart’

‘Honestly so grateful and impressed at selection lately!!’


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With its reputation for affordable pricing and regular deals on grocery items, Dollar Tree remains a popular destination among budget-conscious shoppers across the United States and Canada.

As reported by Business Insider, the explanation for why Dollar Tree can sell items at such a low price is their use of private-label brands. By avoiding name-brand products, Dollar Tree minimizes distribution costs typically linked with more recognizable goods.

As a result, consumers consistently find exceptional value at Dollar Tree—including high-quality dupes for extremely cheap—particularly within the grocery section, where the deals are frequently extremely affordable. 

TikTok creator Rebecca Chobat (@dollartreedinners) has gained 1.3 million followers by sharing her favorite hearty meals she makes with Dollar Tree ingredients, and highlighting the best deals found during her shopping trips at the store.

In a recent TikTok video, Chobat revealed a list of six affordable items you can find at Dollar Tree that she also claims are of high quality for their price. 

Below, we’ve outlined all the Dollar Tree items Chobat mentions in her video, along with the deals you can find on them.

Dollar Tree grocery staples

Fruit preserves

hand holding raspberry preserves

“First, we have their fruit preserves which I was surprised that these are so good,” begins Chobat. “Usually they have strawberry and raspberry. This store was out of strawberry on this day, but these are about half the price of the fruit preserves at Walmart.”

For context, a fruit preserve at Walmart costs $2.48, compared to $1.25 at Dollar Tree. 

Chobat continues with more details about the product, saying: “As you can see, the ingredients are really good. It’s just sugar, raspberry, pectin, and citric acid.”

English muffins

hand holding english muffins

Next on Chobat’s list are the English muffins. 

“We have their English muffins, which are only about 25 cents cheaper at Dollar Tree than they are at Walmart,” she says.  “But I will say, I made [my husband] a breakfast sandwich with a Dollar Tree English muffin, and he said it was one of the best English muffins he had ever had.”

While English muffins cost $1.58 at Walmart, the same product is $1.25 at Dollar Tree. 

Salt-free seasoning 

hand holding seasoning

Next, Rebecca recommends this Dollar Tree salt-free seasoning for anyone conscious about their salt intake. 

“If you have sodium restriction, the salt-free seasoning is a complete knockoff of Mrs. Dash at almost half the price as well,” she details. 

While the price for this salt-free Mrs. Dash seasoning at Walmart is $2.97, the Dollar Tree knockoff price is $1.25, making it considerably more affordable. 


hand holding garlic herb seasoning

Chobat then continues with another low-sodium spice suggestion.

“Some of their seasoning mixes can be surprisingly low in sodium, like this Cajun seasoning, which only has 65 mg per serving,” she advises. She also recommends the salt-free garlic and herb seasoning at Dollar Tree. 

A similar product to the Cajun seasoning shown in the video costs $4.68 at Walmart, compared to the $1.25 Dollar Tree price. 


hand holding rice

Chobat goes on to share that she prefers to purchase staple ingredients such as rice at Dollar Tree, considering the notable price difference. 

“Rice is something I always try to buy at Dollar Tree because it’s about 50 cents cheaper for the same size bag than it is at Walmart,” she details. 

The same bag of rice costs $1.77 at Walmart, compared to the $1.25 price which can be found at Dollar Tree. 

Texas toast 

hand holding toast

Chobat is particularly enthusiastic about her next recommendation, Texas Toast. 

She says: “And if you’ve never tried the garlic Texas toasted dollar tree, you were definitely missing out.”

“This is a fantastic find, comes with six really large slices for $1.25, compared to Walmart which is eight slices, but it’s almost double the price,” she notes.

However, she clarifies that not all the Dollar Tree deals on toast are as affordable as this specific product. 

“This is in contrast to the Parmesan Garlic Texas Toast, which does only come with four slices,” she says.

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In the comments, users express gratitude at having the option to purchase such high-quality and affordable items at Dollar Tree. 

“My dollar tree had frozen corn on the cob!! Never seen them there before,” one commenter stated. “Honestly so grateful and impressed at selection lately!!”

“The Texas toast is so versatile… bread crumbs, appetizers, croutons, pizza. Awesomeness,” said another. 

“I used the cajun seasoning on last year’s Turkey and their was nothing left! definitely grab it,” suggested a third.

We’ve reached out to Chobat and Dollar Tree via email, and Walmart via press contact form for further comment.

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