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‘I have never been so disappointed’: Texas Roadhouse customer finds something unexpected when her food arrives

‘Texas Roadhouse did us so wrong.’


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A Texas Roadhouse customer has gone viral after encountering an uninvited guest at her table. In the clip, which has amassed 4.8 million views, Kimberly Rios (@kimberlyrios) and the rest of the dinner party were visibly stunned after finding a cockroach crawling on the upside of their table. As the little critter continued to crawl, an on-screen caption on the screen read: “Texas Roadhouse did us so wrong.”

Rios added via the video description that she has been going to this particular Texas Roadhouse for years. “Never have I been so disappointed,” she wrote.

In the comments, Rios later added her reaction to the viral scale of the video. “At no point did I realize this video would reach this magnitude,’ she wrote. “And as a former waitress with 10 years experience, yes I could have killed it and [I] did. I could have acted foolish also but didn’t.”

Kimberly didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. A representative for Texas Roadhouse told the Daily Dot via email:

“We take the cleanliness of our restaurants very seriously and make it a top priority at every location. In fact, our Midland, TX, location has a long history of exemplary health scores. In addition, once this video was posted, the local Health Department made two visits to our store in April, and found zero evidence of pests. We wish the guests would have brought this to someone’s attention at the time, so we could have addressed this personally. In fact, our Server noticed them filming at the table, and asked if there was an issue and the guest said no.

As you may know, there are certain times of the year when pests are more abundant in different areas of the country… During these times, pests can fly in the open doors and given the Health Departments’ findings, we can only assume this was the case in this video.

We strive for legendary food, legendary service, and that goes hand in hand with the safety and sanitation of our restaurants.”

Does Texas Roadhouse have a roach problem?

Rios isn’t the only Texas Roadhouse customer to complain about roaches on the premises. Multiple TripAdvisor reviews have described similar issues. One reviewer said they were “surprised” that management didn’t approach them personally after noticing a dead cockroach in a napkin, while another said they will “never go again” after encountering roaches during their meal, and the manager having a “cavalier attitude” in response.

Similarly, a third reviewer said the management offered their meal half price after encountering a “giant cockroach.”

“We paid for roach infested food we didn’t eat,” they added. “Needless to say we’ll NEVER go back.” Numerous other TikToks have also shown cockroaches at the tables of multiple Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

Of course, there are 620 Texas Roadhouses in the U.S.


All my years going to Texas Roadhouse in Midland Tx, never have I been so disappointed 😞 😪 😔

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According to Ecolab, sighting even a single cockroach in a restaurant is a considered a critical health code violation and can get a restaurant shut down. This is because, according to the outlet, cockroaches carry serious diseases like e-coli, salmonella, and dysentry.

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