Target customer speaking in car with caption 'because I have to ask to speak to a manager about my experience yesterday' (l) Target checkout lanes (c) Target customer speaking in car with caption 'and I think he might have scammed me' (r)

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‘I think he might have scammed me’: Target shopper says ‘nice’ worker double-charged her for an item, took her gift card without using it

‘I had a coworker do something similar at Barnes & Noble.’


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Unlike a Karen, this woman (who was overcharged for a purchase) needed to speak to a manager, but the thought of it made her want to throw up.

In a trending TikTok, Lorenza (@lifewithlorenza_) was sitting outside the Target parking lot, so anxious about speaking to a manager. The day before, she says she was potentially scammed by her cashier and needed the situation cleared up by a higher-up.

“I am not in a place where I can afford to pay more for something than I should,” Lorenza says.

The TikToker notes that either the cashier deliberately scammed her or he made multiple mistakes. Either way, it resulted in Lorenza paying more. She suspected he may have scammed her but felt conflicted since he was nice.

“I guess you have to be nice when you’re scamming someone so they don’t figure it out. But I figured it out after,” Lorenza says.

She explains that the most expensive thing she bought at Target the day before cost $32, and as she watched the cashier ring up the items, her total went up higher than she expected.

“Whoa, that added up really fast,” she said aloud to herself. By that point, she’d already given the cashier a card with $18 of store credit on it that should have brought the total down.

Hearing that, he clicked some buttons and told Lorenza that he saved her some money. “Cool,” she responded as she paid and left.

But looking at her receipt after, she saw that he didn’t apply her store credit and kept the unused card with nearly $20 on it. Plus, he charged her twice for her $32 item but then gave her a discount.

“Because he charged me for it twice and didn’t use my merchandise credit card, I ended up paying more money overall,” Lorenza explains.

In a follow-up video, she shares that after speaking to a manager, she was refunded for the merchandise credit and the item she didn’t purchase.

“It was not a pleasant experience. It was super uncomfortable when I walked in,” Lorenza says.

While the manager was initially rude to Lorenza, even cutting her off as she explained the situation, her tone changed to apologetic after presumably watching video footage of the situation.

Oddly enough, she asked to keep Lorenza’s original receipt (usually, customers get to keep their original receipt even when they make a return).

“Which just makes me feel like it was clear that it wasn’t a mistake, it was something that was done intentionally,” Lorenza says, happy to be done with the ordeal.

However, in her last video, she clarifies that she doesn’t think the man was trying to steal from her but from Target.


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Combined, the videos have over 60,000 views and dozens of comments. Several people suspected that the cashier was repeatedly stealing money and would get fired.

“I get the same feeling as you but at the end of the we worked hard for our money. my bet is that the cashier that was helping you did this on handful of times and I am going to assume that cashier will be terminated,” a commenter said.

“They kept the receipt because it’s evidence of what he’s been doing. He definitely was scamming money from customers,” another wrote.

“Think of it this way, you going in alerted them to the the fact that an employee is scamming people and you might have saved so many other people,” a viewer said.

Others said they’ve noticed or experienced similar suspicious activity at other stores.

“I made the mistake ONCE to let a Dillard’s cashier keep my gift card after he told me it had a zero balance. I KNEW it had a $150 balance on it,” one user shared.

“I had a coworker do something similar at Barnes & Noble. She was stealing loaded gift cards. Got arrested,” another wrote.

The Dialy Dot reached out to Lorenza for comment via Instagram direct message.

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