hand holding plastic bowl with caption 'sweetgreen what is this blasphemy, i know that you made the bowls smaller'


‘I know that you made the bowls smaller. I know you’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes’: Customer claims Sweetgreen bowl is now smaller

'If this is what a recession means, I'm not ready.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Mar 29, 2023

When it comes to fast-casual chains being criticized on social media, Chipotle usually receives its fair share of ire from once-devoted customers who’ve had it “up to here” with price hikes and unwarranted substitutions particular franchise locations subject its customers to.

There have been a number of formerly die-hard Chipotle fans who’ve decided to take their business elsewhere: like folks who’ve pledged their fealty to Cava for its generous portions and penchant for not nickel-and-diming its customers when it comes to those portions.

However, shrinkflation isn’t just a phenomenon that is peculiar to Chipotle, and there are other retailers and food establishments that have been accused of giving customers less bang for their buck. A Sweetgreen customer is accusing the American fast-casual salad chain of downsizing customers’ orders but still charging them the same prices.

A TikToker, Katie (@katie_coult), posted a video showing off a bowl she received from Sweetgreen, calling the bowl size a “blasphemy.”

She says in her clip: “Sweetgreen, what is this blasphemy? I know that you made the bowls smaller. I know you’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Please explain.”

@katie_coult If this is was a recession means, I’m not ready @sweetgreen 😞 first the cost of eggs and now this!! #sweetgreen #sweetgreensalad #sweetgreenbowl ♬ original sound – Katie | The SF Marina Girl

TikTokers who saw her post said that Sweetgreen isn’t the only chain that’s allegedly reduced its portion sizes. “Cava did this too!” one wrote.

Another said that they were extremely disappointed to place an order with Sweetgreen, only to allegedly receive a smaller bowl than the one they’re accustomed to. “I’m SICK they gave me this tiny little plastic bowl yesterday,” they wrote.

Katie responded to the aforementioned TikToker’s reply with: “$25 for a small morsel of lettuce.”

However there were a number of folks who said Sweetgreen isn’t actually giving the customers less food. “Mine posted a notice and they swear they are just having an issue with packaging & the old style be back & they promise they aren’t reducing sizes,” one claimed.

Another TikToker, Ashley Flores (@ashleyflores203), who appears to be an employee of Sweetgreen seemingly corroborated this assessment and said the larger-sized containers that everyone’s accustomed to are back in action. “We had some supply issue with the suppliers. The bowls are back tho,” Ashley wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sweetgreen and Katie via email.

Sweetgreen’s food-serving philosophy is predicated on minimizing waste and providing its customers with sustainable meal options by offering locally-sourced, freely available produce that is rooted in seasonal offerings.

Redditors have complained about Sweetgreen’s seemingly smaller bowls as early as February of 2023, when user @immortalkunt wrote: “Boycott Sweetgreen’s New Bowls! Less food and same price?”

Sweetgreen customers weren’t just miffed that they were seemingly getting less food but that the chain opted to start using plastic bowls for its food as opposed to “PFAS-free compostable bowls” it’s primarily known for handing out to patrons.

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2023, 9:07 am CDT