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‘Chipotle, step your f*cking game up’: Customer says she got free food from Cava through ‘love button’ after forgetting card

'Tell me why I thought everyone was lying when they said that Cava has this 'love button' where they give out free food?'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 22, 2023

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing how she received free food at Cava via the “love button” after she forgot her card.

TikTok user Shadai (@jawnnextdoorr) started off the video by saying that she thought everyone “was lying” about Cava’s “love button.”

“So, tell me why I thought everyone was lying when they said that Cava has this ‘love button’ where they give out free food?” she asked. “What instance would you give out free food just for fun?”

Then, she jumped into the story about the time she was given free food from Cava. 

The content creator says she visited the restaurant on a day they weren’t accepting cash and forgot her card. When she offered to charge her phone to pay via Apple Pay, Shadai says that the cashier told her, “you can just have it.”

Perplexed, Shadai asked if the food was free, to which they responded, “Yeah, absolutely” and said that they would use the “love button” for it.

Despite being baffled, Shadai urged Chipotle to “step their fucking game up” because she’s lucky if she gets “three pieces of meat for the price of 50 dollars.” She concluded the video by stating she’s “a cover girl” for Cava until she dies, and “recommends it to everyone.”


Cava Stan’s rise 🤰🏽

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So, what exactly is the “love button” at Cava? The love button is used to brighten people’s days. “We have this button on our cash register called the ‘love button,’” David Garcia, manager of the Huntsville Cava explained to CNBC. “Sometimes, we’ll use the button if we notice someone’s having a bad day, or if they forgot their wallet, or if we see a customer who’s always in our store. We try to use the button at least twice a day.”

Shadai’s video amassed 1.3 million views within 24 hours and viewers had nothing but praise for the Mediterranean restaurant. 

“Yo cava is ittttt i been a cava stan for yrs & ive never liked chipotle,” one viewer wrote.

“Cava is soooooo gooooood and I swear they always have the nicest workers!” a second praised.

“Cava is life I love them so much,” a third commented.

Others shared their experiences with receiving free food from Cava.

“This is true I left my wallet at home and didn’t know until I went to pay and they just gave me the whole order completely free. It was so sweet!” one person shared.

“I love Cava! I was having a tough day and the worker gave me my bowl & drink for freeeee! CAVA TIL I DIE!!!” a second stated.

“Same happened to me one day all I had was cash. The manager gave to me for free and I almost cried,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shadai via TikTok comment and to Cava via press email.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2023, 4:56 pm CST