Walmart shopper slams the state of self-checkouts

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‘You get people that show up with half the store in their cart’: Walmart shopper slams the state of self-checkouts

‘I only do the self checkouts cause I hate interacting with strangers.’


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Posted on Sep 25, 2023   Updated on Sep 25, 2023, 8:17 pm CDT

A Walmart shopper recently went viral on TikTok after he slammed the current state of the store’s self-checkouts.

User @thewannabefilmaker posted the video shortly after a “bad Walmart trip.” But his rant resonated with viewers. As of Monday evening, his TikTok had over 107,400 views, with many customers agreeing with the shopper’s complaints.

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“Self-checkout was made to get you in and out of the store faster,” the content creator said. “Now you get people who show up with half the f*cking store in their cart. There needs to be a limit!”

On top of that, he said, certain customers “don’t know what they are doing.” The shopper then concluded by saying that Walmart customers might be “better off going to the cash register.”

“F*ck the self checkout. This sh*t is not working,” he added.

Workers flooded the comments and said that they agreed with the shopper’s take.

“I’m a cashier and… I agree with this,” one person said.

“They have me work self checkout sometimes, it’s awful,” a second worked added. “People w/ full carts not knowing anything and not listening, and I get 0 help when it’s busy.”

Others, meanwhile, praised self-checkout lines for their ease and convenience.

“I only do the self checkouts cause I hate interacting with strangers,” one user shared.

“I don’t like talking to people so I always be going to self checkout,” another viewer said.

To be sure, at least one Walmart customer said that they agreed with @thewannabefilmaker’s take. And they added another complaint to the list: the self-checkout speed limits. “If you go too fast on the self it won’t ring the items up,” they wrote.

Self-checkout stations have become more common since the COVID-19 pandemic as many customers transitioned to contact-less shopping. Retailers like Kroger and Walmart have taken it one step further by introducing self-checkout only stores.

But the predominance of self-checkouts has left some customers frustrated. According to one survey, around 67% of customers reported having a self-checkout fail. Others have called for a boycott of self-checkout scanners.

To combat a growing disdain for self-checkouts, new technologies have been introduced to streamline the process. One service allows customers to checkout without scanning their items. This new technology uses AI built into a store’s countertop to identify and ring up items automatically.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @thewannabefilmaker via TikTok comment and to Walmart by email.

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*First Published: Sep 25, 2023, 8:14 pm CDT