Customer calls out Starbucks for 'rebranding' whipped cream into sweet cream cold foam

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‘You all pay $1.25 for a little fancy foamy layer of whipped cream’: Customer calls out Starbucks for ‘rebranding’ whipped cream into sweet cream cold foam

'Lol Starbucks barista here you are 100% correct.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 17, 2023

Starbucks customers largely agree with a TikToker who argues that Starbucks’ sweet cream cold foam is really just “rebranded” whipped cream.

“Isn’t it crazy that Starbucks literally completely rebranded whipped cream, and now we all just have whipped cream in our drinks all the time without even realizing it?” user Salby (@salby101) says in a viral video.

In the clip, Salby says she thinks the coffee brand’s sweet cream cold foam is just “half-whipped whipped cream” since it fits better with the coffee chain’s brand.

“[It fits into] the health lifestyle that they try to push, and we ate it up,” Salby argues.

Salby points out that now it’s common to ask for sweet cream cold foam in a Starbucks beverage, but if she constantly asked for whipped cream, she’d “probably be getting some looks” from fellow customers.

“I think about this all the time,” the video caption reads.

@salby101 i think about this all the time #starbucks #whippedcream #coldfoam #branding #marketing ♬ original sound – salby101

The video has garnered more than 72,000 views and nearly 200 comments as of Monday afternoon.

Several commenters were in agreement with Salby.

“Lol Starbucks barista here you are 100% correct, and you all pay $1.25 for a little fancy foamy layer of whipped cream,” the top comment under the video read.

“Agreed people go feral for cold foam. I think it also has something to do with the dome lid because people are humiliated by them for some reason,” another said.

Others pointed out that they prefer sweet cream cold foam because it has a better texture for coffee than whipped cream.

“It doesn’t get chunky like fully whipped cream though,” a viewer wrote.

“The cold foam is a way better texture for sipping and you can make more versatile flavors way easier so tbf it’s a good idea,” another commented.

The Daily Dot previously reported on a TikToker who made a similar point about Starbucks potentially rebranding cold foam.

“Whipped cream seems like a gluttonous treat I rarely deserve and a weird treat for 9am while cold foam sounds like a sophisticated choice for my daily coffee and a great way to start my day,” user Corbett (@corbettforyou) pointed out.

While the three products are similar, they have distinct ingredients.

Cold foam, which was introduced in Starbucks stores nationwide in 2018, is made with nonfat milk, according to a Starbucks press release. The product is made by “blending nonfat milk until it is smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream,” the release states.

Sweet cream cold foam is a blend of milk, vanilla syrup, and heavy whipping cream and is made in-house daily, according to a Starbucks ingredient list.

Whipped cream, on the other hand, is made with heavy whipping cream and vanilla syrup.

The Daily Dot reached out to Salby via TikTok comment and to Starbucks via email.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 12:47 pm CDT