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‘Like I know I said extra but damn’: Starbucks customer’s drink is 50% whipped cream after she asked for extra

'That's just being petty at that point."


Melody Heald


Posted on Apr 3, 2023

A Starbucks customer revealed her drink was filled to the brim with whipped cream after she asked for extra in a viral TikTok.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Lucy (@laeatswithlucy). In the clip, she shows her Starbucks drink, seemingly half of it made out of whipped cream.

“When i asked for extra whipped cream at starbucks and received this,” Lucy wrote in the text overlay. “this is not what i meant by extra whipped cream,” the Snapchat screenshot reads.

@laeatswithlucy like i know i said extra but damn 🤡 #starbucks #starbucksfail #coffee #foodie #barista #baristalife #losangeles #foodgirl #foodtok ♬ original sound – lucy

The Daily Dot reached out to Lucy via email and TikTok comment. The video garnered 38,000 views as of Monday, with many viewers confused as to why the TikToker was surprised.

“What do you expect you’re gonna get less drink?” one viewer asked.

“Quite literally what did you expect,” another echoed.

“What did you want?” a third questioned.

Lucy replied, “a little extra but not half the cup.”

Some alleged current and former Starbucks baristas shared how much extra whipped cream they add to customers’ drinks.

“Nah I usually only put like one inch below the top for extra,” one user shared.

“When i was a barista i’d always put it in a cup size bigger and fill the empty space with whip,” a second wrote.

“I only do this if a customer gives it back to me after I put extra whip on and tells me it’s not enough,” a third remarked.

A couple of baristas revealed how they have done this on purpose.

“I be doing it on purpose ngl,” one person commented.

“LMFAO I’d only do that if u were real nasty that’s just vile,” a second said.

One person even stated, “Your barista must’ve been pissed for some reason to put THAT much whip on your drink.”

Lucy responded in the comments, providing some background on the incident, writing, “this was a few years ago. i wish i could remember but i hope i didn’t do anything.”

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*First Published: Apr 3, 2023, 4:04 pm CDT