Woman explains why she blocked a friend over water and Gatorade.

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‘He sent me a screengrab’: Woman explains why she blocked a friend over water and Gatorade. Was she right?

'It was the PRINCIPLE'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Dec 8, 2023   Updated on Dec 8, 2023, 4:30 pm CST

A woman posted a viral TikTok video this week explaining how she blocked her friend who forgot to bring her water and Gatorade while sick. Readers are torn.

The user @_chokola1000 has reached over 543,000 views and 39,000 likes on her video by Friday morning. Viewers are arguing whether @_chokola1000 made the right decision or not.

@_chokola1000 has an on-screen caption that says, “I cut my guy friend off over water & Gatorade!!” She explains how she had the flu a few weeks ago, when her friend texted asking why she didn’t tell him that she was sick. 

“I could’ve been taking care of you,” she says her friend told her. 

At this point, @_chokola1000 says she had been sick for 2-3 days and was “down bad.” 

She decided to ask if her friend could bring her some water and Gatorade. “That’s all I asked for,” she adds, “Mind you, both of us live within a 2-mile radius of a freaking Kroger and we also live less than 12 minutes away from each other.” 

@_chokola1000 says her friend told her he’d bring it after he gets off work that day. She also says they were texting around 12-1pm.

After that, she ended up falling asleep and woke back up around 6 or 7 pm. “I look outside and I notice that my Gatorade or my water is not outside,” she says. 

“OK cool,” she adds, “I’m still giving it the benefit of the doubt because people gotta wind down when they get off work, I get it!”

Around 8pm, she says she gets a text message from her friend, but it wasn’t about the Gatorade and water.

“It is a screenshot of something that I have posted on my social media,” she says with a pause, “I don’t know why the f*ck he did that.” 

@_chokola1000 says she did not respond because her initial response would have “sabotaged everything.”

Next she says she hung out around her house for about an hour when she finally texted her friend back. “Hey, do you know when you’re gonna bring the water and the Gatorade over?” she asked.

“No text back,” she explains. 

So, she chooses to go to the store herself. “Cause clearly you left me for dead,” she adds.

By that point, @_chokola1000 says it was close to 10pm when she got home, so she sent another message to her friend. 

She explains that she “wasn’t really tripping over the Gatorade and water,” but that he did not provide “any type of communication whatsoever.”

“You said you were gonna do something,” she adds, “I was sick and I really don’t appreciate that.” 

To this, @_chokola1000 says she blocked his phone number and removed him from her social media.

“I don’t feel like I was wrong,” she says, “I’m not gonna let anybody play with me.”

She adds that his actions are a “character flaw.”

@_chokola1000 It wasnt even about the gatorade & water (though I really needed it), it was the PRINCIPLE! Its principalities in this!! 😂😂👏🏾 #standingonbusiness #relationships ♬ original sound – CHOK

“How could you call yourself, being a man that’s pursuing me, and trying to date me and get in a relationship with me?” she says.  “You left me for dead h*e, and I was sick with the flu.”

Toward the end of her video, she says: “If the shoe had been on the other foot, I would have been over there tryna clean up, disinfect your house, give you a care package, cook.”

“That concludes today’s chronicles of a man not being able to keep me,” she says before ending her video. 

Viewers in the comment section seemed to have mixed reactions to @_chokola1000’s video.

One said, “How you felt about the situation is very valid, but I do think the reaction is a bit much.”

Although some other viewers praised her for sticking up for herself.

“I think if folks can’t keep their word for little things, they likely won’t for big things. You did the right thing,” one said.

Another says, “I’m the same way! Don’t tell me you gone do something and don’t.”

One commenter suggested that her “friend” acted this way because she had friend-zoned him. 

@_chokola1000 responds, “We were pursuing a romantic relationship but nothing was exclusive as of yet. So it wasn’t a friend zone thing.”

@_chokola1000 declined a comment to the Daily Dot via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2023, 5:00 pm CST