server slams customers who tip based off their coupon

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‘Always tip on the original total of the bill’: Server slams customers who don’t tip properly after using a gift card

'I usually tip more if I have a gift card.'


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Sep 23, 2023

A server is calling out customers who use coupons to cover part of their bill and then only tip based on the leftover amount.

In his latest video of an ongoing series centered on server pet peeves, restaurant worker and content creator Andrew Lopez (@rawcrtix) shares another example of what kind of customer not to be.

“When you get your check at the end of your meal, and let’s just say for the purpose of this video it was $175 dollars, and you give the server a gift card. You’re like, ‘Hey, do me a favor, use this gift card first and whatever’s left, go ahead and put it on my regular card.’ We got you, no problem. But here’s the deal: let’s say that gift card was $150 right? So, it takes all that off and leaves you with a balance of $25. And then you f*cking go and leave a $5 tip based on the $25 and not the original amount.”

“What kind of a** backwards way of thinking is this?” he vents. 

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He argues that a large bill reflects more labor on the part of the server.

“If you got a bill for $175, you know what that means? That means you were getting lots of drinks, you were getting some big meals, you’re getting attentive service…you’re getting recommendations,”
he says. “So if you get a bill that’s $175, regardless of what type of f*cking coupons, gift cards, whatever you got, you’re tipping based on the original amount. It really isn’t that hard.”

Andrew also has words for customers who claim that it isn’t their “job” to “pay [servers’] salaries.”

“Go talk to your senators, go call whoever you need to call to change the laws out there so servers can get paid a ‘livable wage’ that you want them to make,” Andrew rants. “But the fact of the matter is that’s just not how the sh*t works.” 

The video had more than 113,000 views and 681 comments as of Saturday. 

“I think if you don’t tip, you should have to tell your server that at the beginning. Then see how much attention you get. The ones who don’t tip always demand,” one commenter said.

“People actually do that? Jesus!” another bewildered viewer shared.

The Daily Dot has previously reported on Andrew’s series of server grievances, including his video targeting customers who ask for straws before he can get their drinks off the tray (“Straw Psychos”) and those who inquire about a gluten-free menu (“Gluten Goobers”), as well as his video calling out customers who don’t have their payment ready at the drive-thru window, who eat the majority of a food order before complaining about it, and who let their children run free in a restaurant. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Andrew via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2023, 1:25 pm CDT