Restaurant server calls out ‘straw psychos,’ ‘gluten goobers’

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‘Don’t be these people at a restaurant’: Restaurant server calls out ‘straw psychos,’ ‘gluten goobers’

'You can wait a literal second before I hand you your turtle-killing sipping device.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Sep 11, 2023

Are you a “Straw Psycho?” Or perhaps you’re a “Gluten Goober.” Restaurant worker and TikToker, Andrew Lopez (@rawcritix), composed part three of his ongoing customer pet peeves and he’s calling out everyone who uses “gluten sensitivity’ to mask their actual “insensitivity” to the plights of their servers.

His latest video dropped Friday and currently stands at 715,000 thousand views and counting. In it, Lopez goes off on a profanity-laden rant about customers he feels go over the line with their demands.

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His first target is customers who ask for straws before he has had a chance to get their drinks off his tray. “Handing out drinks from a tray is a two-handed mission, and I think you can wait a literal second before I hand you your turtle-killing sipping device,” he rants.

The second half of the video is wholly dedicated to customers who ask for gluten-free menu options and protocols.

“Enough with the gluten already, all right?” he says before going on to explain he isn’t referring to guests who suffer from celiac disease.

“I’m not talking about the .01% of you that have a legitimate gluten allergy,” he says. “I’m talking about you weenies that all of a f*cking sudden, just because you want to start watching your carbohydrate intake, suddenly you have a gluten allergy.”

“You going on a diet doesn’t mean we should go through the ridiculous process of preparing something with new gloves and a hazmat suit all because you’re on a keto diet,” Lopez complains. “No, b*tch, we don’t have a gluten-free menu because most people don’t run away from f*cking bread, like it’s Jason Voorhees meandering through the f*cking woods at Camp Crystal Lake.”

While Lopez may be happy to get his frustrations off his chest, many of his viewers were, perhaps predictably, quick to take offense.

Many of them came out and said the server was bad at his job for complaining about his customers.

Brittany Rhodus (@brittany_marie13) wrote, “When servers are asked to do anything” followed by a trail of sad-faced emoji.

Some commenters said videos like these are why they don’t tip. “This is why I don’t tip,” wrote one.

However, many comments from fellow servers showed solidarity with Lopez’s statements.

Krystal Lanni (@krystallanni) wrote, “Guest: can i have a STRAW? me: can i finish passing out 13 waters on 1 tray? *cue awkward music*”

Another server commented, “Omg both of those boil my blood ugh.”

One commenter stated they had a gluten allergy and supported Lopez as well, stating, “As someone who has a gluten allergy oh yeah I know about those people. Oh yeah we tried that diet. Hehehe I wish it was just a diet. Ugh.”

Lopez states at the video’s end that he “Needs a part four to this,” so his followers can look forward to another list of peeves. The Daily Dot has reached out to him via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Sep 11, 2023, 7:09 pm CDT