Server realizes customers are Trumpers. She blames gas prices on Biden for tips.


‘Believed me septum and all’: Server realizes customers are Trumpers. She blames gas prices on Biden for tips. It works

‘I do this.’


Phil West


Posted on Jul 3, 2023

Restaurant workers have all kinds of tactics when it comes to securing a tip, but one server has gone viral on TikTok after she happened upon a great way to get tips from Trump supporters—by blaming gas prices on Biden.

TikToker Faith (@faithypoohatesu) argues that getting a tip from a Trumper is easy—just say something you know they’ll agree with. In her short video, she explains how her recent experience with Trump-supporting restaurant patrons played out.

The on-screen caption reads, “When I was serving an old couple wearing Trump merch and I told them that the gas prices are Biden’s fault so they tipped me $20.”


believed me septum and all

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In an accompanying comment, the server also marveled that the couple who tipped her, “Believed me septum and all,” referring to her septum piercing, which is visible in the video.

The video generated 1.3 million views in the four days that it’s been on the platform, and many commenters shared that they had successfully used the same tactic.

“Girl one time I said I LIKED THE MAGA SHIRT and they tipped me $100,” one remarked.

“They are literally so fucking gullible,” the creator said in response.

“Trump has brainwashed em,” said someone else.

One person dug into the issue a little deeper, asking whether those on the other side of the political aisle would tip a server just for their political allegiance.

They asked, “Would a Democrat tip you for showing support? Reps might be gullible but they are also generous for like minded ppl. Are democrats that?”

That led to a spirited conversation about how different people felt about politicians, and that you didn’t need to like someone to vote for them.

“We don’t even like Biden, bruh,” one pointed out, adding, “Y’all are so far into Trump’s a** that y’all think we have to like a politician in order to vote for them.”

Another, a little more delicately, said, “We aren’t a fan club like you people, it’s politics not a hot new tv series.”

But despite the heated subject matter involved, many determined it was a shrewd tactic for earning tips in a system where workers earn a meager salary and servers make up to 58% of their pay through gratuities.

“Get that [bag],” said one person.

Another wrote, “You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes yk.”

One person simply confessed, “I do this.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 3, 2023, 4:30 pm CDT