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‘Act richer than your clientele’: Bartender says ‘light bullying’ toward customers helps her make more money

‘Yikes if my server told me that I would just not tip.’


Melody Heald


A bartender went viral on TikTok after recommending “light bullying” toward customers, which she says helps her make more money, sparking debate.

The video features user Liv (@pettybliv) as she applies lip gloss in her car. She starts off the video by recommending bartenders act “like [they’re] richer than [their] clientele.” For example, if a client requests tequila, Liv suggests bartenders respond by claiming the best brand they carry is Clase Azule, which runs for around $157 for 750 ml bottle, and “you don’t drink anything below that,” Liv says. “That makes my stomach hurt,” she adds, referring to cheaper tequila brands.

The bartender also urges others to make their clients “feel bad” for ordering a specific drink. After working in the customer service industry for years, Liv says that “light bullying” incentivizes the customer to “buy more.” 

@pettybliv Please don’t talk about the deodorant okay #fyp #servertips #server #proserver #bartender #bartendertips #bartendertip ♬ original sound – Liv

The video has been viewed over 190,000 times since it was posted Oct. 15. Many viewers sided with Liv, sharing their experiences with “bullying” customers into buying more expensive items.

“I had someone order a cheaper steak on our menu and i said ‘i hope u like chewing’ they ended up with the $52 ribeye,” one viewer claimed.

“No fr cs the meanest server at my restaurant always alwayysss gets like >$300 a shift,” a second commented.

“Honestly yes and I have been getting the most tips I’ve ever gotten in my entire career as a server,” a third stated.

However, others criticized Liv for her method, with many arguing they would not tip or return to the bar if their server or bartender was rude.

“No it’ll make me have a horrible and uncomfortable experience where I say ‘I’ll go ahead and close out’ after my first drink I baby sat for 30 min,” one viewer stated.

“Yikes if my server told me that I would just not tip like girl pipe it down I’m your commission,” a second agreed.

“I always tip well. but if you bully me I will cry and leave and never return,” a third wrote.

“Effective but, that’s how you don’t get repeat customers. People want to feel comfortable, not bullied,” a fourth concurred.

In response to some of these criticisms, Liv posted a follow-up video. With half a decade of experience under her belt, Liv claims she can “smell people” who don’t tip based on bullying “a mile away.” She compared one of her critics to a “girl that yells at their servers for talking to their boyfriends” and states how those types of customers don’t result in her commission, her regulars do.

Liv still urges bartenders to know their audience, because “light bullying” isn’t for everyone, she concludes.

@pettybliv Replying to @maliaskyee #proserver #servertips #bartendingtips #bartendertips #bartips ♬ original sound – Liv

The Daily Dot reached out to Liv via TikTok comment.

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