Sandals Resorts customer says staff won’t leave her alone–even in the bathroom

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‘This is actually my worst nightmare’: Sandals Resorts customer says staff won’t leave her alone—even in the bathroom

'I’ve always thought of Sandals as the Walmart of resorts.'


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Posted on Jan 12, 2024   Updated on Jan 12, 2024, 10:27 am CST

If your idea of a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon at a beautiful island resort doesn’t include throngs of employees constantly harassing you for add-on services, then you should probably avoid picking Sandals for your vacation.

At least, that’s what TikToker named Sam (@sam_d0ll) is saying in her viral clip where she detailed her disappointing honeymoon experience at a Sandals location in the Bahamas. She said that despite her and her husband forking over a pretty penny for a 4-star resort, they weren’t provided with the most relaxing atmosphere as the two of them were hounded by workers attempting to sell them something at every turn.

Additionally, she said that workers at the chain seemed to have no regard or concern for guest privacy, as both she and her husband had employees walk into the bathroom and mop floors even while they were in the middle of using stalls.

She detailed her experiences in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 4.2 million views as of Friday, and it seems like it encouraged many viewers to cross the resort out when it comes to travel plans.

While on her honeymoon in the Bahamas at a Sandals resort, Sam said she, unfortunately, came down with a bout of “vicious diarrhea,” not the sort of the thing you’d want to endure while on a romantic getaway. But her bowel troubles weren’t her biggest issue on her vacation—the employees were.

This was a bummer for Sam as she said she chose the Bahamas because, from where she and her husband are located, it’s only a three-hour flight, and she wanted to pick a vacation where she didn’t have to do or “think” about anything.

The gripe that seemed to irk her the most was that she felt like she was constantly being assailed by salespeople at the resort every “two steps” that she took, saying that workers are almost always trying to sell her something.


they were all RLY NICE THOUGH!

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She highlighted an incident with her and her husband after they had just laid down in the sun to hang out when worker after worker with various offers kept walking up to them, probably a minute in between each pitch, to book a photoshoot, or a spa, or get 20% off of their next vacation. Sam said the pitches just kept coming and coming. After a few of these encounters, Sam said that her husband turned to her and asked if they should go and sit by the “do not disturb” pool which was set up for guests who want to minimize their interactions with other people.

The constant visits from employees didn’t stop at the pool, Sam added, stating that around 8am every single morning she would hear several knocks at her door from different employees. Workers from the “Loyalty Program” would knock at her door, along with housekeeping even though she and her husband had hung up a privacy placard on their door knob.

Not even bathrooms are safe: Sam said that while her husband was “taking a sh*t,” a resort employee asked waltzed in and continued to mop the floor while knowing he was in there, hitting his feet with the mop under the stall while he was evacuating his bowels. Sam said the same thing happened to her when an employee walked into the buffet bathroom the following day. Akin to her husband’s experience, the male worker asked if there was anyone in the bathroom. Sam said that there was but that didn’t appear to concern the employee too much, who exited the “one-stall” restroom and then proceeded to get a co-worker to join them in the restroom and they worked while Sam used the bathroom as they began “mopping under [her] door.”

Sam continued that taking “a sh*t in peace” in Sandals is a difficult task. She said that it’s gotten so bad on her honeymoon that she feels “scared” to look at people while walking throughout the resort as she feels like she’s going to be asked if she’d like to buy something.

“I won’t come to Sandals again. Not because it’s not nice but because, like, if you want a vacation where you’re relaxing and already spending a lot of money only for people to harass you every like literally twenty to thirty seconds,” she said.

Toward the end of the video, however, she thinks she may’ve realized why she’s being so assiduously pursued by staff members: even though the resort has a “no tipping policy” she’s been handing out gratuities during her honeymoon.

One viewer commented on Sam’s video, “This just influenced me to never stay at sandals. That is actually my worst nightmare.”

Another penned, “As an introvert, this sounds like absolute HELL.”

Someone else described the experience with an accurate-sounding metaphor, writing, “Sandals has pop up ads irl got it, noted.”

Another person joked that Sam should’ve grabbed the privacy placard from her hotel room to carry with her at all times, saying, “Please bring your rooms ‘do not disturb’ sign and wear it as a necklace omg.”

Whereas someone else said that Sam may be able to use her less-than-stellar honeymoon experience to her advantage.

“You should definitely complain to Sandals corporate,” they advised. “Maybe they’ll give you a free trip to a different resort.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sandals via email and Sam via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 12, 2024, 3:00 pm CST