Retail worker explains how she used to get revenge on rude middle-aged customers by giving them a senior discount

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‘I think it’s genius’: Retail worker says she used to get revenge on rude middle-aged customers by giving them a senior discount

‘I would squeeze their produce as I scanned it so it would be bruised when they got home.’


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A retail worker shared the clever way she gets back at ‘Karens’ in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by Miranda Davidson (@mirandadavidso) on April 22, she said she would ask middle-aged women if they had their senior’s card on them so she could give them a senior citizen discount.

Viewers applauded her sneaky way of enacting revenge using malicious compliance, a term coined for workers who work within the rules against abusive customers or workplaces.

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The video reached over 5.7 million views as of Monday, with other retail workers sharing ways to get under the skin of ‘Karens.’

“One time this 45-year-old got mad at me for not carding her when she was buying alcohol so I said ‘We card if the customer looks 30 or younger,’” one user wrote.

“Pro tip, if you’re are serving alcohol and a woman is being rude in line or while ordering, card her friend,” another said.

“A customer was rude to me so I gave them their like $10 back in quarters,” a third added.

Others shared their own petty revenge stories from working in customer service.

“A couple of old women were being rude to me and they asked if I needed to see their seniors cards for a discount and I said ‘No it’s fine I can tell,’” one viewer said.

“Bahah- I used to manage a cosmetics dept at 20 years old- when women would tell me I didn’t know anything about skincare I’d tell them I was 45,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Davidson via TikTok comment.

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