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‘Why would you even ask for that? That’s really stupid’: Server says customer asked her for a Tito’s martini shaken 35 times

'My bartender said she would not do that.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Jun 27, 2023

Customers with highly specific, demanding, and unrealistic expectations are a common facet of the server experience, at least according to TikTok.

From losing it over an out-of-stock item to coming in with a massive party right as a restaurant is trying to close, customers have given their servers grief over many unrealistic or specific expectations they have about going out to eat.

In a recent video shared by server Melanie (@capkween) to #servertok, she says a customer asked for a martini that was shaken no less than 35 times—which their bartender refused to do.

“I had a table ask me for a Tito’s martini with a splash of cranberry juice shaken 35 times,” she says in the video. “Then when I brought out the martinis, they said, ‘I don’t believe this was actually shaken 35 times.’ Well, that’s because it wasn’t, because my bartender said she would not do that. Why would you even ask for that, that’s really stupid. Go f*ck yourself.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Melanie via a comment on the video as other means of communication were not available.

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From a practical standpoint, it is not recommended to shake cocktails too much, as they can become diluted. 10 to 15 shakes is the sweet spot for mixed drinks, according to Taste Cocktails. An overshaken martini, specifically, can have a cloudy appearance or altered flavor due to this dilution.

Some viewers also found the customer’s request that the cocktail be shaken so many times unreasonable and flat-out strange.

“This only feels shaken 9 and 3/4ths times,” one commenter joked.

“I would have brought the drink out in the shaker and say have at it,” another said.

Melanie clarified that when the customer suggested it had not been shaken the full 35 times, she told them it had. They ordered two more drinks, she said.

“I said ‘I watched and counted the bartender shaking it 35 times’… they ordered 2 more,” Melanie wrote in response to a commenter.

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*First Published: Jun 27, 2023, 9:09 am CDT